As a business woman to choose and wear jewelry?

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Expert Advice Evelyn Khromtchenko.

ring was metal, with a stone in the form of a heart of burgundy glass.I was five years old, and I was upset at first - wait for another trophy: in-dash Ufa amusement park, I fought for gum "Pedro."And only then I realized how lucky I was.That ring with heart and now I can put on the little finger - it survived.Still retaining ring with a stone cut "pear diamond" turquoise color, the rest I do not remember - it was a lot of trophies, I shot very well, even in the third grade received icon "Sharpshooter".

I can not say that I replaced the jewelry toys.I had a happy childhood only child in a large family of intellectuals.Toy gave me plenty, but to climb the box and caskets were happy.My aunt and a grandmother were whole personal Klondike that I loved to touch.I was respectful: I knew it was not mine, but surely - to understand that when I need to, I will certainly give;I was careful - not broken and has not lost any of another decoration in your life.Herself without knowing it, I trained five-year-confidence Collector jewelry ... Today, my collection of over 2,000 units.I remember every - not only as an object, but as a story.

It is easy to imagine that I have a variety of options for decorations for all occasions, but there are situations in which even I do not wear Bijou.

Ceremonial court dress, for example, does not allow to wear jewelry, not all can be kings.However, monarchs rarely makes jewelry shopping, mostly of decoration - the family or received as a gift.Do not wear jewelry and reception white tie - invitations clearly written: "Dress grand soir, large diamonds" (by the way, you can rent them).Major events in the field of black tie - Oscar, Cannes - also do not favor Bijou better really quite unadorned.

But in dress codes black tie creative, black tie invited, black tie optional, cocktail attire, Semi formal, A5 (After five), A5C (After five casual), smart casual cleverly matched jewelry would be appropriate.Major jewelry can support small jewels - pusetami (stud earrings) in the earlobes, watches and wedding rings with diamonds.But act contrary prohibited: putting a diamond necklace, jewelry refrain from the ears and fingers, because she immediately cast a shadow on the authenticity of the necklace.

separate song with a business dress code.Should I wear a clerk opened the iconic precious brooch and assure that it Bijou?No, it is not necessary, because any fotopoiskovik gives quite a definite answer to this question.This immediately clear origin of jewelry trinkets on the relevance of the collection.It is useless to assert that brooch inherited, between decorations even one article of the classic series, but bought 25 years ago and today, there is an obvious difference.Needless to wealthy business woman wearing a suit with his authoritative childlike plastic bracelets and barrette crocodile hair?Unlikely.Here's a funny, and yet both - the picture from nature.

If you are known in the community as the creator or collector of jewelry, the law does not apply to you - jewelry will be seen as your hand or leg.It is hard to wait for the classic diamonds and dresses from Lady Gaga or Rihanna, even if they came to the reception on the occasion of the presentation of the Nobel Prize.It is believed that modern artists should always be "in the way".So if Rihanna and wear diamonds, they will be by Loree Rodkin, and Lady Gaga definitely go for yuvelirkoy to Delphine Delletre.But if the itch prima donnas fasten large gilt-Bijou necklace from Lanvin Happy grand soir even at Versailles, I'm sure that none of the organizers of the celebration and the eyebrow does not lead.

However, if you (without being Lady Gaga or Rihanna) go to a meeting of the board of directors of a large oil-producing complex, the fancy brass knuckles, even if they are made of platinum and diamond pave, should be left at home, preferring two modest little pearl flower Van Cleef & amp;Arpels on the lapel of the jacket.Can you wear jewelry in this case?You can, if you are known fashionista and skillfully pick up three vintage brooches Marni in the spirit of Art Deco in the tweed lapel lady-like suit by Dolce & amp;Gabbana.

Or take the easiest address - city cafe.Hypertrophied feminine Russian beauties who often over-looked, even in white shirt and blue jeans, sometimes too literally follow the classic advice of Anna Wintour that jeans have to boldly mix up with diamonds.Thankfully, in recent years, these "diamonds" prove to be created from rubber and rhinestones, both necklace EK Tongprasert, or plastic and rhinestones, like Shourouk (Tom Binns, too, has not been canceled).And that in fact was the case: after reading the American fashion media release in heavy originals iconic necklace (and sometimes in tiaras)!

spring-summer 2014 catwalks reigning Grand necklaces, they have become a little smaller than in past seasons.Quite often hard necklace-collars - look for them at Chanel and Balenciaga, collars (Saint Laurent, McQueen) and chains with pendants (Valentino, Lanvin, Versace).Plastic, glass, crystals, ethnic jewelry - feel completely free in the choice, but avoid Bijou imitating jewelry (it is now pending).

rules, how to wear jewelry, jewelry reminiscent of the dress code, the main section is now: do not wear paryury ("sets") anywhere except on the royal receptions.If you do not know how to compose beautiful sets of different objects, it is better to be limited to one focus - a brooch or ring.However, no expert in the world can provide you with recommendations for all occasions.My main principle of selection of jewelry in a situation where I know exactly where I'm going and how to get dressed, very simple: like it or not.Strong makes life easier, you know.

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