How to remove an advertisement in "Skype" for sure?

Today, almost every PC user uses Skype.You can not call this decision is absolutely ideal for the calls on the Internet, but it has a number of positive qualities, including ease of use and installation, as well as multiplatform.However, many users are concerned about how to remove the ads in the "Skype" because it is too intrusive.Fortunately, there is a way out of the situation.Let's start from the bottom

It is obvious that the company-owner you need to earn money for their product, but everything has reasonable limits, regard this rule and Microsoft.First of all, I want to get rid of the ads in the "Skype", which is located at the bottom of the contact list.I am glad that this problem can be solved simply by clearing certain tick in the software settings.

So, pay attention to the upper part of the main program window, click "Tools" and select the item "Settings".Go to the tab "Alerts", select "Report".Next, remove the check mark next to the items' Tips Skype », as well as the" Promotions ".Then click "Save" button.Henceforth compulsion will be less.So we figured out how to remove the ads in the "Skype" from window contacts.However, there is still a lot of work in order to fully achieve the desired goal.

window call

One problem solved, now look at how to remove the ads in the "Skype" calls out the window.We have to block access to Skype ad servers, to run this wire and go to the drive «C», later in the folder Windows, then open the directory System32, there are looking for the Drivers folder, and finally, open etc.

Run hosts file using Notepad or its alternatives (the actions to be carried out using Windows 8 will be discussed below).Add the line: «».Thanks to this "Skype" will not find the server, from which the receipt of advertising.Save the changes in the document.After restarting your computer all advertising to disappear.Thus, it was decided how to block ads in the "Skype" from the window of the call.There are other nuances, which we describe below to make your calls were comfortable.

How to disable ads in the "Skype" with Windows 8?

The problem is that the attempt to save the hosts file in Windows 8 fails.The explanation is simple: in the operating system in the eighth series of more stringent safety rules.It should be noted that this makes sense, since many viruses are entered malicious code they need it in the specified file.

In turn, the anti-virus for a long time and be sure to check the file for changes.But what do ordinary users in this situation, and how to disable ads in the "Skype"?All we need - is to open the system files that the user is running with administrator privileges.It can be done in several ways.

edit the command line

Click the right mouse button on the lower left corner, select "Command Prompt."In the Open box drifts team notepad, and then the path to the file hosts.If done correctly, it will open the usual notebook Windows, but it will run as an administrator and give an opportunity to make necessary changes in the system file hosts.

solution described above is an alternative.You must download the file editHOSTS.cmd.Click on it with the right mouse button.Start with administrator rights, which to choose from the menu the appropriate item.Notepad window opens, in which you need to spend to edit the file.

Manual start Text Editor with administrator rights

principle, this method has no differences from the previous one, but now we
need to go to the folder that contains the executable file of the traditional text editor such as "Notepad Windows» (this method is alsoapproach other editors, for example, Notepad ++).Go to the drive «C» in the folder Windows, and after - in the system32.

At this level, look for a file notepad.exe.Click on it right mouse button and run as an administrator.Click on the button "File", then click "Open".

The window "Explorer", by which you must go to the folder with the file system hosts (path has been specified above).Choosing the lower right corner click "All Files" and open the file specified.Make any necessary changes, and then save the file.Congratulations, you've done everything you need.

How to remove an advertisement in "Skype": "conditionally surcharge" method

summarize.After all the above steps, the display of advertisements should be stopped, but saved the empty space above the list of your contacts, as well as frame for advertisements in the program "Skype".For some users this situation can also cause resentment.

turn to official sources, who report that to address this issue
need to add funds to the service calls.Transfer of funds into the system - it is a simple procedure, however, and there is a snag."Skype" allow a minimum payment of $ 5 US dollars.Obviously, for certain users is not too critical.

But put 150 rubles on the account for the fight against advertising wish not all.It is for these members to inform you that there is an alternative.In the "Skype" valid term "voucher", in other words, to obtain the necessary receipts for cash - they can easily purchase, though they meet with sufficiently "available" denominations.

For example, you can buy a voucher for 1 euro.If you are so tired of advertisements during the call, you may want to become the owner of such a "currency", and it will seem inexpensive.How to activate the purchase, you will learn from the seller.Now you know how to remove the ads in the "Skype" and communicate with even more comfort.Spend time with friends even more time by using the wide possibilities offered service Skype.But we should not forget that live communication can never be replaced by even the most modern technology.