How to open a door phone without key: practical advice needy

Currently, more than 95 percent of the entrances are equipped with a security system, as the intercom.This device exists in many variations, but all of them can be cultural "crack."Since you can open the door phone without a key?

turns out that the intercom system installed in our cities, are simple, as the multiplication table.And if more precisely, they are absolutely logical from a technical aspect.This can be seen, just by typing a phrase cherished in any internet search system: "How to open a door phone without a key."We see that we are kindly requested to almost a million answers to this question, due to which it seems that at least half of our population, or crackers, or a little "engineers" in the shower.

As is known, in order to adjust the intercom, it needs access to the programming mode.This is usually implemented by dialing a specific password on the device keyboard.Once entered in the installer mode, it is able not only to open the front door with intercom, and change all system settings to your liking, without opening the door.This part of the door communication system, which the producers have paid at the time the special attention is lame, as they say, on both legs.The reason for that is whether the error of the manufacturer, either laziness and carelessness of the installer.But the fact remains - the secret codes that allow you to enter without a key from the entrance intercom, has long ceased to be a secret.

Below we consider how to open the best-known types of interphone systems without a key.So, after the practical application of the method of trial and error, we can safely say "Open Sesame!»

VIZIT: how to open a door phone without a key

These intercoms are considered the most difficult to open without a key, because the codes on them differ enviable variety.If the installer has not changed the default settings of the device, the door must be opened after entering "12 345 #" or "* # 4230."Newly installed VIZIT can open the code "67 890 #" or "* 423 #".By the way, on many models such intercoms are often lacking character "asterisk" and "lattice" - their function is replaced by, respectively, the key "K" and "C".

If the tuner when installing intercom succeeded nevertheless its default settings, it will first have to go to the service menu ("# 999"), wait until hear two short beeps, then enter the default code ("1234").Now you should hear a single short beep.Now do more of the following more complex operations.Dial "2", pause, "grid", pause, "3535" (the code is the last team to open the intercom without using the key).

Cyfral: how to open a door phone without a key

If the right entrance there are apartments with the numbering that is a multiple of 100 (ie 100, 200, etc.), enter a combination: "challenge code 1, callCode 2 ".Code 1 - the number of the apartment, which is a multiple of 100, and the code 2 - is "7272", "2323" or "7273".

Models Cyfral bukovkoy with "M", try a combination of "challenge 41" or "challenge 1410".Other door can be opened and simple introduction of "07054".

Opening intercom Eltis keyless

Eltis open much easier.For the "neat" hacking type combination, "call 100, call 7273" or "call 100, call 2323".Everything should work.

Open intercom METAKO

Recruit a combination of "call number of the first apartments in the stairwell, the challenge."When the display you will see the inscription «COD», enter "5702".If all else fails, you can go on a different path, by dialing "65535, call 1234, call 8, call 6, call 4568".

Rainmann: how to open a door phone without a key

the keypad, press the "key" and enter "987654".If the reaction to your action served as a double beep, enter the "123456".The display should appear shaped as letters "P", which means that you are in the service menu.To open the door just press "8".

Pursuing open door with intercom system without a key, we must distinguish between the urgent need is from the banal burglary and criminal offense for selfish reasons.So be sensible and eat this knowledge wisely.