Savings: car loans citizens of Russia

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Today Sberbank is one of the largest state-owned banks in the Russian Federation.However, it should be noted that the share issuance of specialized credit programs in it is very small and amounts to about 5% by weight.At the same time, in recent years an increase in lending.The population begins to increase the level of confidence in the state, and people again began to go to Sberbank.Car loans again becoming popular, and its share of post-crisis increases each year.

Credit programs for the purchase of a car

Today Savings Bank offers its customers four different programs:

  • basic car loan with a rate of 11.5 to 17% per annum;
  • special partnership program with the vehicle manufacturer with a rate of 10.5 to 17%;
  • consumer loans without collateral - from 17 to 22.5% per annum;
  • consumer loan with the guarantee and the additional safeguards - from 16 to 24.5%.

amount of interest paid for the use of bank money, depends on certain conditions, which are offered by Sberbank.Car loans completely depends on some selected items borrower:

  • view the selected program;
  • period for which the contract is concluded;
  • currency in which given amount of money, and that she will come back;
  • of the borrower to the list of partners;
  • category of cars and lounge in which it is purchased.

In some cases, you can count on preferential car loans.Savings Bank provides a minimum interest rate of 10.5% in the case of buying a new car "Lada" from the producer in the Russian Federation.In addition, the borrower must be framed or social salary card of the financial institution.

Sberbank of Russia - car loans and its features

should remember that a loan for the purchase of the vehicle included in the concept of consumer credit.That is why it is so important to understand the differences between the programs offered by Sberbank.Car loans for the first two options is the target loan (car loan base and partner program), and the last two - inappropriately (consumer loans without. And provide consumer credit with additional. Software and guarantor).Although basic and affiliate programs provide very favorable conditions for them to buy a car is possible only in certain car dealerships - the partner bank.It should be clarified that the Savings Bank operates in all twelve manufacturers, among which there are no such popular brands as "Toyota" or "BMW".

The maximum amount you can count on

For all credit programs offered Sberbank, car hardest limited scope.First of all, the borrower is required to spend 15% of cash for insurance purchased property.Depending on the program selected, the maximum amount is:

  • basic car loans - up to 5 million rubles .;
  • affiliate program - up to 5 million rubles .;
  • consumer loan without collateral - up to 1.5 million rubles .;
  • consumer loans with surety and guarantees in the form of collateral object - up to 3 million rubles.

amounts in rubles can be issued in Euros and in US dollars.In this case, the rate on the loan will be less than a few percent, but it will have to repay in the selected currency.