How to take a car loan Rosselkhozbank

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Today the car is not only a means of transportation or a luxury, but a working tool for the vast number of citizens of the Russian Federation.With the help of transport goods and provide services.For those who wish to purchase a new car, a car loan is always available Rosselkhozbank.With the help of borrowed funds you can buy your dream car, which is simply impossible to save in today's economy.

Agricultural Bank - an organization whose shares are 100% owned by the Government of the Russian Federation.Number of branches of the bank exceeds 1600, and in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan opened its representative office.

Car Loan Rosselkhozbank allows you to purchase cars both foreign and domestic production.This type of lending does not allow banks to control the targeted use of funds granted.In addition, the bank has a number of differences that put him in the first place when buying a car of the middle class, namely:

  • absence of various fees and penalties;
  • low interest rate auto loans in the Agricultural Bank issued a modest 13.5%;
  • minimum package of required documents;
  • minimum age - 18 years;
  • comfortable making monthly payments;
  • CASCO insurance cost is included in the amount of the loan.

Calculate car loan Rosselkhozbank, you can use a special calculator, which is located on the official website of the bank.You can also find a special form of application forms to receive it.By filling out and sending it to the post office manager is possible for only a few hours to get an invitation to the bank for further processing services.The Office of the borrower waits for a short interview, the study submitted original papers, evaluation buy a car and the loan agreement.

Rosselkhozbank Car loans are available for purchase both new and used vehicles.The maximum amount that can be obtained under this program is 200 thousand rubles.To get the money you need to be sure to pay the first installment, which amounts to 10% of new cars and 20% for second-hand.The maximum period for which you can get the loan is 5 years.

to buy long-coveted vehicle is the perfect choice Rosselkhozbank.Car loans, the interest rate on which is always of 13.5% per annum, is the ideal tool for the purchase.

Depending on the circumstances and the type of product documents may vary, but there are always a few major papers presented at anyway:

  • a valid passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • application for funds;
  • copy of employment record;
  • permanent registration in the vicinity of one of the branches of the bank;
  • income statement for the last six months.

For more lenient lending conditions can always provide a guarantee and a substantial pledge object.In providing the most complete information about yourself borrower can expect to receive a loan at the lowest interest rate as long as possible.