How quickly gained its market inexpensively

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How quickly gain its market cost-effectively?There is!There is a way.

Here the whole point is to use more than one means of promoting and competent bundle of several ways.

For example, you know that the greatest number of responses is reached if you touched one client at least 3 times?

not know?Now you know!This is the golden rule of promotion that can bring you a really gorgeous out!

How to use it?

Let's look at a couple of ligaments, in which we touch 3 times per customer.

Bundle 1 .Letter - Fax - Wake.

Great bunch!

Yes, those who are now waiting for something very original, it is a bit disappointing.

However, if you need to call and orders from customers, then this method - a real find!

Of course, it works best when your clients - legal persons.

essence of the method: first you will send paper letters to its customers (the preparation of letters, search the database, printing flyers can take special company, for example, Adular Group in Yekaterinburg).

The more letters circulate better.

Most importantly, this base is then left you, you need it for further work.Company Adular Group, for example, will give you a base with phone numbers and the names of the heads of companies for free.If you'll be treated to another postal company - be sure to ask this question.

Then, on the same base are sending faxes with the advertising proposal.

For this purpose it is possible to hire a couple of students, the work is simple.

All that they need to remember is "super difficult" words: "Hello!Please fax, please. "

And now, after and sent letters and faxes, you can make the last final step.Control shot, so to speak.

telephoned the base.Your managers will be comfortable enough to do it, because quite simply strike up a conversation: "We have sent you an offer and would like to clarify: You considered it?»

Bundle 2. Letter letter letter.

This smart system!

The method: You write three letters of interest (paper, of course).One continues another and refers to it.

and sent the first letter first.Two weeks latter.And yet two weeks later the third.And the third letter and attach a copy of the last two letters.

The main thing is to write a very interesting letter!By all the rules!A good rule of writing letters, we have repeatedly dismantled with you in previous articles.

For example, you do seminars for managers.

In the first letter you are referring to the heads of the companies write about the challenges they face.Offer them a good solution to their problems with the help of your super-duper smart seminars.

Two weeks later, they receive a second letter, in the style of "You still have not signed up for our workshops?Do you know of the consequences of unsolved problems in the business? »

Well, even two weeks last letter:" This is our last letter to you.You still have not called us, and your sales are still growing?We are making a last attempt dokrichatsya you.We can help! "And so on.The main point at the end: "I enclose with this letter a copy of the previous two letters, and hope that we have managed to convince you of the need to do something now!But the responses of those who have passed our workshop. "

That something like that.

These methods provide gorgeous out, save your money and let you in a short time to win your market and surpass all competitors.

wise use of its resources and plan a strategy to promote competent!

and then you can win your market inexpensively, easily and effortlessly.

Good luck and prosperity!