Horoscope Career - 2011

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Will I find a job?What to expect from the head?Will the increase in pay?Does the company have the prospects?After all, respond in kind if a colleague from another department?Find out what to expect in 2011 a professional horoscope ...


rams In the new year, so as not to get bored, need to change something in your work and career.Proceed to the search for a new job immediately after the holidays.Carefully, carefully, meticulously examine the market.On what to emphasize in the requirements - by a raise, promotion, increased responsibilities, or all at once?You choose!You have a chance to find a dream job by mid-spring, and by the end of the summer to get a new place deserved dividends - including in the form of a bonus for a job well done!


no major changes in the first half of the year: continue to work in the same place.At the same time, try to keep your hard work within reasonable: no overnight stays in office, to make the work at home and weekends at the office on the eve of the report.Your zeal is now still no one will appreciate.But by the summer take a look around: can pay in your area have long been grown or a competitor more prospects?


Maybe enough to work "Uncle"?It's time to think about starting your own business!Year of the Rabbit - the best time, finally, to become a great boss.But regardless of the quality of "throne" - leaders have leather or synthetic usual - do not forget about professional development.Spring and summer is the best time to fill up luggage of knowledge in training courses or, if by the fall of the first material you collect the harvest.


In 2011, cancers do not relax: the working period will be quite busy.All sorts of time trouble and rush jobs every day will significantly extend the working day.From fatigue and a strong race in hot summer season can at least heated conflicts with management and colleagues.But the stars do not advise to solve the problem of disengagement with the hated place.A smile and a kind word - all that is required from you in this difficult period.


Even the most insane projects this year will be successful, do not be afraid to take risks.There are offers of long trips.Feel free to settle and depart.Not a link back!The trip will be a success, furthermore, you can tie office romance with a foreign partner.But do not compare this novel to the resort - loved and forgotten - is possible happy end: Long-term relationship, engagement or marriage.


work itself is in your hands.Freelancers delight "delicious" orders, working maids - a major part.But the maiden dive with tenacity in violent activities is still not worth it.The competitors are not asleep!Perhaps in the summer, instead of searching for a place on the beach will have to fight for a place under the sun in the office.Meet the circumstances fully prepared!Read books on self-development and personal growth training visit, and then at the right moment you leave the competition far behind.


In winter, limit yourself to communicate with colleagues.Give yourself more time, I understand that you really need.And all informal contacts with colleagues - meetings, meetings - set aside until the spring, when your promotion require new acquaintances.Already being in a new rank, do not relax, maintain a healthy body, to prove its superiority will always have.


All scorpions, which touched on the crisis at the beginning of the year will come out of it successfully.And as if the universe itself will provide all the conditions for success.Early in the spring, think about changing jobs or the opening of a family business.Properly assess the scope of their undertakings and safely get down to business.We'll have to work hard: to invest in the business all their experience and knowledge, to attract friends and connect the old connection.


Last year you worked shock, it's time to relax.Devote more time to the family, relatives and friends.And if you are in the spring again feel a surge of strength, it is possible to participate in the championship on the rise.The fight will not be easy, look for a pre-faithful allies.The course will intrigue, conspiracy, clashes with rivals.If you can quell your ardor and withdraw from the race, to make a deal with his conscience will not have, the desired increase in itself will come to you in December.


In the winter months enjoy a durable construction logistics.Naladte relationships with family and friends, with those in the event of failure will always be able to support you.In the spring turn your attention to the next fellow, maybe someone of them can seriously assist the development of your career.But beware, do not believe empty promises.In the summer of hard work will have to be done in the fall can be a short break and enjoy the fruits of past efforts.


At the beginning of the year in the life of the office will develop a good script for a Hollywood love story.The object of unearthly passion will be a new employee, or a colleague from another department.You are waiting for a secret meeting in the negotiation, love messages to corporate e-mail, languid glances through office partitions ... and, unfortunately, the case started.When passion poulyagutsya, go back to work with a vengeance, then perhaps in the autumn will come true harmony in work and in personal life.


In 2011 especially lucky representatives of creative professions.Muse will be your constant companion, from the beginning of the year, you will work out everything for which you may undertake.Of course, noticed this creative impulse does not remain, and in the spring you will do a number of interesting proposals.The number of fans will grow day by day.Actively communicate, increasing the circle of professional acquaintances in the future.

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