Is it possible to Immaculate Conception, or What is parthenogenesis

Surely each of you know the story in the scriptures.Mary, being chosen one of God, has identified the light of the Immaculate Conception of the child.Did it happen in reality or was merely the result of wild imagination of the authors of those times, today it is difficult to say.But let it be known, the virgin birth in our world - it is quite normal.What is parthenogenesis and what is its essence?

Wonderful World

Perhaps one of the greatest of the sacraments of our universe can be attributed is the origin of life.Where did it come from and who is the creator of all things - a mystery.But whoever was our creator, he perfectly took care of that life on the blue planet has never dried up.Various forms of it that inhabit the Earth, able to reproduce itself the most diverse, sometimes very unexpected ways.


What is parthenogenesis?It is the ability of the female to give birth to a new generation without a sexual partner - male.This does not mean that males are not necessary at all, they, of course, important.Parthenogenesis is not a method of asexual reproduction, as some plants (budding, for example).But if it happens that a female for some reason could not find a partner for mating and fertilization has not occurred, it is still able to produce a full-fledged offspring born without his participation.This capability provides a very good survival mind.When the number falls, the female for a short time can make up for the population and continue the race.That is the essence of parthenogenesis.

Another important feature of such breeding - regulation of the ratio of males and females.So, for example, bees from unfertilized eggs appear drones (males), and fertilized - working individuals, all of which are women.

Types parthenogenesis

What is parthenogenesis and how it can take place at one or another animal?In some species, it is considered to be the main method of reproduction (obligatory).For the other forms, it is cyclic, that is periodically offspring emerge from unfertilized eggs, but more often with the participation of the male.Optional or special method of reproduction allows the survival of mind in the most difficult conditions of life, such is the nature of parthenogenesis for them.This case is rather the exception, because usually these animals stick bisexual reproduction.

parthenogenesis in animals

What is parthenogenesis?It is the process by which the egg is the parent, being unfertilized, starts to develop, then to turn into a full-fledged adult living being.Parthenogenesis may vary considerably in different species.Thus, for example, reproduction by parthenogenesis bees breeding differs significantly from other insects, for example, ants.

knowledge that parthenogenesis is and how it occurs, significantly influenced the development of science and gave rise to the appearance of some of the trends in the industry.For example, scientists learned that the parthenogenesis of the silkworm starts after exposure to certain temperatures.This greatly accelerated the process of breeding these insects.

What is the essence of parthenogenesis, is well known to beekeepers and producers of silk, many invertebrates use it this way.Immaculate Conception is often practiced by some species of lizards, fish, a process familiar to representatives of the plant world, there is even a parthenogenetic turkey.

of scientists working on the study of this particular hard.There have been many attempts to start the warm-blooded animal parthenogenesis.Examples result, unfortunately, is impossible, as some cell growth and development of embryos occurred, but before the final stage, it never came.On the part of medicine is also called considerable interest.A survey was conducted, after which it became known that the majority of couples who are unable to have a baby, are happy to be decided on a virgin birth.Who knows, perhaps eventually the veil of mystery will open.And the miracle will come true - parthenogenesis can give life and human baby.