How to cook mussels in tomato sauce and other dishes

The pasta dishes can not only be your lifesaver in case when you want to cook something quick and nutritious, but also demonstrate your excellent culinary skills.Especially if it is attached to some special sauce or gravy.

Shells "in Italian┬╗

you do not know how it is?Answer: the so called shells in tomato sauce.Prepare them easier than you appear at first glance.

Prerequisites : 300 grams of pasta, a few pieces of sweet pepper, preferably red, 2 salted anchovy fillets things (for spice!).Samih need 5-6 tomatoes, 1 onion, a few cloves of garlic, a little white wine, a couple of tablespoons of grated cheese and vegetable oil.Naturally, the salt and pepper to taste placed.

Here's how to cook mussels in tomato sauce Italian.Macaroni boil in salted water, fold in a colander and rinse well, so as not to become a lump of dough.Now the sauce.Pepper clean, cut into cubes.Onions and garlic chop into cubes.Put in a pan with oil and fry until golden brown.Anchovies and cut into pieces, and with pepper, add to the onions.Simmer over low heat for 5 minutes, podsolite and pepper.The turn of the wine - pour it.Hold the lid More 5min, put chopped tomatoes and simmer for 15 minutes.To mussels in tomato sauce is not soaked, the sauce should get a thick enough.When it is ready, to shift into a saucepan with pasta, fresh Stir in parsley and basil, mix well.Put the dish in the common dish, arch grated cheese.All mussels in tomato sauce can safely carry on the table and to surprise the home simple and very delicious dish!

Shells "nautically┬╗

The question is how to cook mussels, for you may not be problematic if the refrigerator stayed residues of minced meat.On this basis makes a wonderful sauce, under which any pasta eaten "a great success".

Cut semicircles 1 large onion and fry it until soft.Next in the pan Put mince and simmer 5-7 minutes over medium heat.Add diced 3 tomatoes, a couple of bay leaves, a few peas allspice, a pinch of coriander sauce and simmer until tender.At the end of salt, put crushed under the pressure of garlic (to taste) and freshly ground black pepper.Boil the shells, pour sauce, sprinkle with chopped fresh dill.And the dish looks appetizing and tastes great, right?

Pasta with cheese, cheese

Another ordinary, which can easily handle even the novice mistress, - pasta shells, pictures of which you can see, with cheese or cottage cheese.To begin, boil them.Prom, arch butter to avoid sticking together.Or zazharki of onion with oil.A piece of cheese grate, put in the shells and mix.Arrange the food on plates, sprinkle with parsley and serve.Instead, add the cheese macaroni cheese and mix well, too, if necessary podsolite.Greens and in this embodiment, dishes will not be superfluous.Well it is combined with a salad of fresh vegetables.

Shells milk

and with the pasta you will not have the hassle.Just boil separately until half shells in plenty of salted water.In another saucepan, boil the milk.Connect both ingredients, put the sugar to taste and simmer until cooked pasta, stirring regularly.Optionally you can put a little vanilla.Pour milk soup bowls, butter and arch raduyte native delicious, healthy and wholesome food!