Energy-character compatibility and incompatibility

cause of many ills, including health-related, lies in our ignorance ...

Indeed, when we consider the circumstances that caused a particular disease, it turns out that you can not always explain it the wrong way of life, radiation ecologyor poor diet.It is possible that the true cause of the disease or cure a person in these cases is the nature of energy information.

Being close to the unhealthy person, we share with him the energy and information.A healthy person can get sick and ill, on the contrary, to recover.This is due to the fact that a sick body (body) energize energy.

bioenergotherapist conducted numerous studies of energy-incompatibility (the physical, astral and mental) objects animate and inanimate nature.It was found that the use of energy-compatibility allows in many cases to establish the cause of disease and provide specific and precise recommendations on all issues of incompatibility.These include energy-incompatibility between: - the loved ones: parents, children, grandchildren, - different associations of people: spouses, workers, children, school, professional, on party or religious and other groups - humans and other wildlife as-That: animals, plants (including fruits, vegetables and beverages of them), - people and drugs and any medical procedures: droppers, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc. - people and objects of inanimate nature: stones, paintings,statuettes, rings, watches, dishes, etc., - the man and the space where it is located, - objects of inanimate nature, for example, between the stones, and others.

Consider a few examples of incompatibilities.One of the most interesting and important is energy-compatibility between people.It is found that, depending on the amount of energy it can take a person or transfer energy.If the spouse is less energy, for any contact with her husband, especially during sex, it will take energy spouse to a certain value, until a saturation (stabilization) Energy Energy wife of her husband.Similar phenomena occur in the working collective.Suffice it to be in the energy field colleagues as set almost instantly the total field, and, depending on its properties, starts the transfer of energy in a certain direction.It can also occur in urban transport.If your power is restored within a few hours (but not more than a day), you can rest easy.In the same case, when the selection of your energy is continuous and you are not able to restore it in any way, it is necessary to take steps to stay healthy or even alive.Of great interest is how the energy-human interaction with objects that he is and that surround it.Snowy mountains, for example, have a positive human energy thousands of times greater than the forest.Large energy have flowers, grass.At the same time faded green, located in the shade of the trees, is zero, and withered the grass, even negative energy.

another example.General view of Jerusalem.Photo size of 1000x350 mm.It turned out that the blue sky above this city has a positive and endless largest energy.The old walls surrounding ancient Jerusalem, have the power in the 103-105 times greater than modern buildings.Most have the power dome of churches, minarets and other similar facilities.At the same time, paved roads have a negative energy.If 5-10 minutes to look at the pictures imprinted on the sky of Jerusalem, you can increase your energy on the order of 2-4.

Meanwhile statue, donated his beloved granddaughter, may carry a negative, destructive energy.The same applies to the watch, rings, bracelets and so on. D. The reader can independently with the help of the pendulum frame or carry out such studies in order to select the most optimal conditions for herself and her family.

Jacob Gindis, bioenergotherapist international category, Ph.D.

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