Kinolyapy in films about Harry Potter

Nothing is perfect - even the beloved franchise about a young wizard Harry Potter.Reshii We show you the most notable issues found in the movies, to prove that even magic can not always save Hollywood from the human factor.

1. Wire

Look closely ... you can see the wires that hold the candles in an upright position?

2. Scar disappears, then appears

In the first scene of the film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," scar on the Boy Who Lived disappears and then reappears.

3. Change the place

Obviously, Harry Potter is really like at the time of a great holiday to sit next to Hermione, so he "jumps from place to place."

4. The camera is ready

We believe that Muggle nicknamed the operator no one took the school of wizards.

5. Power

batteries for wireless microphones, hidden by clothing, there is no magic in the world, is not it?

6. Wall

Harry Potter can be a magician, but no less than miracles shows a brick wall in the house of the Dursleys.

7. Time for tea

Dolores Umbridge, obviously, is not the only evil force in the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."Her teaspoon magichskoy clearly endowed with power, because it disappears in the 37th second and reappears about 45 minutes.

8. Make yourself at home

This orange blanket effect on your own understanding, your own by changing the position of the place.

9. Magic Dream

wonder how Harry T-shirt with the usual round neck T-shirt has become a buttoned while he slept?

10. Warm

This white blanket can not decide who it loves.

11. Transformations

have luggage Ron has many different sides.

12. chelochkoy - direct proborchik

Ron obviously like to change hair styling for a short period of time.

13. One day - two pairs of shorts

What can we say?Dudley loves to dress up!

14. Note

Four lines are transformed into three after Fred and George handed a note to Ron.

15. Howler

When Errol howler throws Ron from his mother in the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", envelope printing has opened.But when Ron grabs his prints is suddenly closed.

16. On the claim at the blond

We always knew that Lucius Malfoy was not blonde by nature.

17. krovischi!

Ginny has the gift to make unsightly blood disappear?Harry, at least.

Photo source: Zimbio