Driver-Courier: job descriptions and reviews of the profession

Vacancy "driver-courier" today can be often found in newspapers and on websites devoted to job search.It's not surprising, because in our time is a very topical issue of transportation of various kinds of goods, commodities and securities.We offer today to get acquainted with the profession, to understand what, exactly, is engaged in courier driver and how to get the job done.

Description profession

To describe briefly the profession, we can say that the driver-courier - a worker who is engaged in cargo delivery to the addressee.At the same time his job is to pick up items or documents, to carry them to their destination as soon as possible, and having received confirmation of the recipient's signature, delivery, deliver other goods to go.It should be noted that these professionals are able to deliver the day to a few dozen orders.

Requirements for applicants for this position

offer briefly learn about the basic demands made by companies to job seekers, the courier driver.The candidate for this position should be guided well in the city, where it will work, because if a person will spend a lot of time trying to find the necessary address to him, it would be a very negative impact on the number of deliveries that he will be able to perform during the day.In addition, focusing on the good location, the driver will be able to competently plan your route, which will fulfill more orders.Naturally, most of the employers prefer applicants who have long lived in the village, where the activities of the company.

courier driver must also be responsible and reliable person who will maintain the confidentiality of the transportation of goods (sums of money, documents and so on. N.).If the delivery is planned some valuable items, most of all, the employer will require a candidate for a certificate of no criminal record.

Applicant post driver-courier must differ punctuality, precision and enterprise.So, it must as soon as possible to deal effectively with all the problems that may occur during transportation.In addition, the courier is responsible for the safety of the delivered cargo with which he must be handled carefully and give it to the destination safely.It requires attention paperwork for shipping and receiving of goods.

Job Description driver-courier

employee's work in this area is governed by the job description.This document describes the functions, rights and duties of a driver-courier.We offer elaborate on these points.

Functions driver-courier

main task to be performed by the employee in this sphere is the delivery of letters, packages, important papers, as well as certain goods (usually with small size) is strictly at the specified address as soon as possible.Upon delivery of the goods sent courier should enlist the signature of the recipient.

Duties of members of the profession

Depending on the characteristics of the company to recruit a driver-courier, duties may vary slightly.However, in most cases, they include the following items:

  • Receive an employer jobs for the delivery or receipt of securities, packages, parcels, goods, and other types of cargo.
  • further details on the exact location of the destination, route cargo and harmonization of the exact time of delivery to each recipient.
  • ensure that you have the necessary documentation to the load.If necessary, timely power of attorney for transportation.
  • Perform all tasks on time.If it is impossible to carry out this or that delivery must immediately inform their superiors about the reasons for the delay.
  • Gently and carefully handle the load.
  • On a daily or weekly basis to provide a progress report directly to the Chief or the personnel department.

level wages, about the work

driver-courier today is a very popular profession.However, due to the fact that such work does not require any qualification (except for the experience of driving a car and a driving license), it can not be called paid.Today, in most cases, companies require the driver-courier with a personal vehicle, as for some reason, to create its own fleet for them unprofitable.Such applicants can count on higher wages.In some companies it is offset (to some level) maintenance of the vehicle.So, if you have a personal car, you can count on the wages of the order of 800-1000 dollars.Without a car your average salary will be from 400 to 600 dollars.Of course, these figures are not final and may vary depending on the region of residence and the company.

As for the comments about his work drivers, couriers, most of the members of the profession find their work quite difficult.This is due to the need to constantly move around the city, often under tight deadlines.