How to bake pancakes.

Pancakes - one of the main and the most favorite dishes of Russian cuisine.Ways to prepare them there are so many, and only the filling options altogether impossible to enumerate.Of course, at any housewife has its own favorite recipes for pancakes.Well, if you want to learn how to bake pancakes for dinner or breakfast, we hope that these tips will come in handy.

Pancakes hastily

Some do not like to cook pancakes too, considering that it takes a lot of time.Indeed, if we follow the classic recipe and put the dough on sourdough pancakes, will have to wait until it fit.But there is another way how to bake pancakes without long preparations.Try maturing pancakes stuffed with ham and cheese.

need for cooking two cups (with slide) flour, a couple of eggs, sugar (tablespoon uppers), a pinch of salt, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda food, vegetable oil.Mince prepared from 400 grams of ham, 200 grams of cheese and onion (you will need a pair of heads).

pour into a deep container flour, to break the eggs, add sugar, baking soda and salt, a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil.Slowly pour in the mixture of warm boiled water and carefully knead the dough.On the following amounts will take about a quart of water.The consistency of the mixture should be similar to the average density of sour cream.The finished dough can be further beat with a mixer or whisk to pancakes were more airy.

The secret of good pancakes - it is suitable utensils.Experienced housewife in the kitchen holding a special pan for pancakes.It should not be too large in diameter.The most suitable material for the pancake pan - it's not fashionable Teflon, and the usual cast.Handle at such dishes must be permanent, as the pan will always have to turn.If your family loves pancakes, pancakes, cheesecakes and muffins, buy a suitable utensils and the question of how to bake pancakes quickly and without any problems will be solved once and for all.However, in addition to the correct choice of cooking utensils, to prepare this dish, there are still some subtleties.

Before bake pancakes, as the warm pan.Typically, the first pancake is always lumpy goes out for overly eager cooks who poured the dough into a barely warm dishes.Preheat a frying pan with vegetable oil to lubricate.To do this, use a special brush or half potatoes, worn on a fork.Pour the dough into the pan using a ladle and evenly distribute it along the bottom, slightly tilting the bowl from side to side.Once one side is browned pancake, it carefully turn over and fry a few more minutes.

to mince the onion finely and fry shinkuem butter.Rub cheese, ham cut into strips.All the ingredients are combined and spread on pancakes, roll fold them and put a couple of minutes in the microwave.Serve with sour cream.

apple pancakes with cinnamon

tells how to bake pancakes on a sponge, we will not, as the Council on this subject on the culinary Web sites already much.Our meal, while preparing for the traditional technology, but the taste is very unusual.

To cook the pancakes dessert, we need 6 apples sweet and sour, flour (4 tbsp.) Milk (2 tbsp.), Fatty cream (2/3 cup) butter - half of the standard pack, yeastfastest (best "Saf moment") - a teaspoon with the top of the egg (4 pieces), grated zest of orange or lemon - about a tablespoon, ground cinnamon and powdered sugar for sprinkling.

first prepare applesauce.To do this, you need to bake the fruit in the oven and rub through a sieve.Then prepare the brew of half flour, warm milk and yeast.After Opara begin to approach, add to it the rest of the flour, eggs, melted butter, mashed apple, zest and cream.Bake the pancakes, as usual, in a frying pan, buttered.Before serving, sprinkle them with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Thick pancakes cooking much easier and faster, but this is not an option for many types of fillings.Minced meat and rice rolled out of pancake roll will simply fall out.Therefore, in order to help you prepare a variety of dishes, we'll show you how to bake thin pancakes.A special trick in this, because they are prepared according to the same recipe, only the liquid in the dough add a little more.According to the density it should be as kefir.In a frying pan pour a smaller portion of the mixture.Thin pancakes turn harder, they are easily torn and lose their shape, so first carefully separate the pancake from the bottom of the pan and flip it over the plate.By the way, if you cook spring rolls, it is not necessary to brown them on both sides.

In order to become a good cook, a little knowledge of how to bake delicious pancakes and cook borscht.It should be also the ability to improvise.Of course, to change the formulation of the test is not necessary, otherwise the risk instead of pancakes get pancakes or even better, fried batter balls.But pokoldovat or serving of stuffing is quite acceptable.Try, for example, as a filler to use oil or herring fillet with green onion.Believe me, these pancakes taste is not worse than with black or red caviar.
And if you mess around with fillings have neither the time nor the desire, cook pancakes with full sun.This will require crab sticks.Pre-cut into their rings, slightly passeruem in the oil and fill the dough.Fry the pancake on both sides until golden brown.
Bon appetit!