Pasta: recipe

Noodles recipe that should be in every hostess - a dish surprisingly ancient.There are many varieties of it, but the main components remain the same.Today is not a problem to buy in supermarkets or small shops any pasta.However, homemade noodles will always be tasty and healthy.

How to make homemade noodles?The recipe is quite simple test.In a deep bowl pour flour hill (100-110 g) and make it groove.There are two rural break eggs (to shop taste of the finished product, and its color is not the same), salt to taste and mix thoroughly knead the dough.Ready lump should roll out very thinly.After that you need to roll the dough formation, sprinkled liberally with flour.Camouflage polyethylene preform and leave for a while.

has amazing taste home-made noodles.Recipe with photos meals presented in this article.Cooking requires some time and effort, but the result is worth it.Serve it also must be able to.We recommend that you boil the chicken in the meantime, it is desirable home.Since this bird is cooked much longer, you can use a pressure cooker.

Noodles recipe that we suggest preparing simple enough.Take an onion, a carrot, a pepper, all finely chop.Vegetables should be brown in olive oil.It sauté instead of fry, while the taste of the dish is a more saturated.Furthermore, it retains more nutrients.

So, we have a stock, from which we take out the chicken, separate the meat from the bones and skins, finely crumble.In the broth add salt to taste, prepared vegetables and potatoes (five pieces), diced.While preparing the potatoes, remember, where is our noodles.The recipe of the dough has been presented above, but now the reservoir must be cut into strips of arbitrary width.Since noodles covered in flour, it is recommended to dip it in a separate bowl, which is poured boiling water, and then put into the soup.So we get a clear as a tear the first dish, and not muddy mash.

Brewed noodles about fifteen minutes.Then you can add spices at their discretion, for example, one clove, 3-4 pieces of bell pepper, half a teaspoon of pepper, seasoning for chicken, a few leaves of bay leaf.Eat this soup need not at once: it is desirable that it is then under the cover a quarter of an hour after having been removed from the fire.

Noodles recipe of which is described above, it may be a separate dish.For example, a layer of cooked cut into strips and cook in boiling salted water until tender.Serve it can, sprinkled with olive oil, sprinkle with grated cheese, fried meat or onions.Especially fragrant will dish with roasted slices of bacon, tomato and basil.

also homemade noodles can be cooked for the future, but it must be thoroughly cleaned of flour and dried at room temperature.To dry, it will be about two days, but the oven can greatly shorten the process.Keep noodles can be tight-fitting in the bank or in a linen bag in a dry place.