Credit card MTS - user feedback.

few years ago, the communications company MTS opened a new service - "MTS Money", which allows you to make payments directly from the house.By using this service, you can pay for various goods and services with money placed on the personal account of the client.

Today MTS started to produce their own cards, which relate to the payment system, known worldwide as a MasterCard.With their help, customers can pay for purchases both online and in retail stores.Credit cards MTS, reviews of which can be found in a variety of network, appeared in all the salons of the company in the middle of spring 2011.Clients who have issued such a service available to loans to 40 thousand rubles.

Terms of registration and billing

At registration card borrower can get from 0 to 40 thousand rubles.At the same grace period (the time when the user can use bank resources for free) is 50 days since the last reporting.This small nuance should always remember and take into account if you are using credit cards MTS.Reviews allow many customers to understand that the average person usually thinks that the grace period begins upon receipt of the money, and then wonders why he has to pay an interest rate of 23 to 55% per annum.

In addition, credit card, MTS, reviews of which make it impossible to make a definitive decision to have a minimum threshold will be required to pay at maturity of the loan.In one of the paragraphs of the standard agreement, the borrower agrees to pay a minimum of 10% of the total debt on the map, but at least 100 rubles.In addition, the company's management, it was decided to impose fines dodgers who fail to meet their obligations under the transaction price.

«MTS Bank" - credit cards

At present the company offers its clients three different types of cards:

  • MasterCard Standard - the customer receives a card immediately after the conclusion of a model contract with the company.
  • MTS (bank card) - it supports the application and is equipped with PayPass chip EMV.
  • «MTS Money" (credit card) - it is also equipped with chip EMV;

In order to get a map of the first type, you just need to sign a contract.In such a procedure usually takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour.To obtain the other two required minimum hours of waiting, since it will be necessary not only to print a new card, but in a special way to program the chip, but after that it becomes personal.

Service cards MTS

For registration and operation of credit card customers will have to pay some amount of money per year.In the first year it will be $ 0 for normal cards and 500 rubles for those that contain the chip EMV.All subsequent years, customers have to pay 500 rubles a year for the service cards.

Credit cards MTS, reviews about which you can easily find at the moment are very convenient cashless settlement.In addition, they are tied to a telephone subscriber's account and he has the ability to check for the required amount in the account, simply by calling the service number.