Remote work - a profession copywriter / rewriter

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At first glance, the work of the copywriter and rewriter, practically do not differ, but it is not so.The similarity of these trades is that the essence of the work and rewriter copywriter is to write articles.Copywriter or chooses a theme for writing the article and then the article exposes for sale on the stock exchange, or writes an article under the order and sells it to the customer.Articles tend to be promotional in nature or are the sales letter.By itself, the work of a copywriter is not difficult, but it brings a constant decent income, in view of the fact that the texts copywriter sell goods, and thus make a profit.In order to be advertising of goods or services has been effective copywriter should be careful, to be able to understand the psychology of the people, should be able to see the thing through the eyes of the buyer.If in life you have experience in writing articles for any publications, it is easy to cope with this work and on the Internet.

Job copywriter is one of vdiov ualennoy work that easily outsourced.If you need outsourcing personnel in Yekaterinburg and you want to get quality services, please contact mompaniyu VENTRA.

Job rewriter reduced to a unique rewriting articles previously published.As a rule, the articles are of a narrative character.As a copywriter, rewriter can operate either on request or on your own with the subsequent resale of the article on the exchange.Work rewriter requires care, as a rule, it would write a unique text, reraytery have to revise a lot of information to study it and analyze

working as a copywriter and rewriter, you can expect a decent income.So copywriter may receive from 300dol up to $ 400 at the initial stage of work, and the income of experienced copywriters can be up to several thousand dollars a month.Rewriter for the work may receive from $ 2 to $ 10 per thousand characters.But these results can be achieved by having had experience, and for this we must not make a little effort and a lot of time that would be in time to show all of their business skills and become a truly indispensable highly paid professionals.And at first, you may have to settle for much less income, but it would be a desire, and everything else will follow.

For copywriter or rewriter require specific knowledge and skills.First of all, knowledge of the rules of grammar and syntax, the ability to express their thoughts intelligibly and concisely, to have knowledge of human psychology on a basic level, to be able to process and organize large amounts of information to be able to delve into the subject matter or theme.

If you have no experience copywriter, but you like this work, it is possible to start to become a rewriter and a month or two or three, you can try yourself as a copywriter.