Graphology: mind and handwriting

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Graphology can help us determine whether a person is very smart and he has average intellectual abilities.Smart man - is, above all, a high level of individuality and independent thinking.The ability to adapt to life and people, while remaining themselves and without losing its principles and identity.A wise man - a personality that is inherent in at least a certain percentage of inner maturity and wisdom.So how do you show signs of this, the true Mind in handwriting?

First of all, it can not be a banal writing.Banal - it means "standard", exactly (or almost) remains so, that all of us have been taught in the first grade.If a grown man says as well as dictating a child school exercise book - it is trivial and not very developed.This "average" person, but not the "clever", we are talking about!

So, first of all, writing must not be trivial: too much is not necessarily original, but certainly - carrying their own, individual characteristics.In other words, the deviation from the standard formulations - are required for a person with independent thought.It is important to emphasize that handwriting has various ornaments or obviously deliberately exaggerated the details - has nothing to do with the mind, it is only a "posture", a desire to impress and look special, without being so.Original, "smart" form of - productive, saves effort hands shortens the route and time of writing the letters: a man so busy content that he does not shape up.

So, we talked about the shape of the letters, but one feature of graphology enough for reliable conclusions should be a combination of several elements, mutually reinforcing each other.

What else, apart from the form, you need to pay attention to?On two things: the legibility of handwriting, as well as the organization of the written text in paper space.Not everyone is capable of thinking about something, save the excellent organization of the text, paragraphs, margins, but still readable form!

individual features truly intelligent man is spontaneity, fluency in writing (ie, good speed handwriting).

recognize these signs, you have a large degree of certainty can argue that with you, if you are a private person - a truly extraordinary man crazy!

consider clearly the handwriting of people with different mental abilities.Note: The authors - adults.

mind above average:

first - other than the capital, the original form,

second - ease, fluency, speed,

third - both of these characteristics - no harm, and are accompanied by productivity organizationsin space and form.

Minimaliziruya time and effort on the one hand, the person "invented" human form and allow you to save bundles of letters optimum visibility and readability.

Normal, average mind:

first - form commonplace, there is nothing "from himself»,

second - obviously very reduced speed, static,

third - but despite boththese features - it does handwriting productive.

organization and the good form of letters is not, despite the fact that a slow and banal handwriting for this, seemingly, just all the possibilities !.Or, alternatively - organized and readable handwriting, but .... it is so slow and artificial, that these signs of losing its positive meaning: a person is too busy with form over substance.

Author: graphologist Inessa Goldberg.

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