General Krebs: biography with photos

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If not humiliating attempts to Nazi Germany to conclude an agreement with the USSR on the eve of his defeat, perhaps, the name of General Krebs would have sunk into oblivion.A talented military leader, who had the fate of the world to ask the Soviet generals, like the F├╝hrer, could not stand the bitterness of defeat.

Hans Krebs, General: Biography

Hans Krebs was born March 4, 1898 in the German city of Helmstedt.The boy was born in a family of teachers.After graduating from high school he entered the school, parents tried to ensure a decent future to her son.Additional facts about the family and relatives of the historical figure absent.It is known that he dedicated himself to military matters and was not married.

Start military career

In August 1914 Hans volunteered for the army.Only Germany unleashed World War.Many Germans believed that the military campaign in 1914 to help them break out in people.In the case of Hans what happened.First World War, he graduated with the rank of lieutenant, which was received after being injured on the front in 1915.Krebs had fought on the Western Front in infantry units.

After the First mMirovoy and the Treaty of Versailles was the brave lieutenant military and real hero, winning in this company, he had a dozen.After the war, Hans decided to stay to serve in the German armed forces.In 1925 he was promoted to lieutenant.In 1930 with the rank of Hauptmann transferred to serve in the War Department.Here, the future General Krebs studying the Russian language.Command is preparing a qualified technician to work in Moscow.

work in the USSR

Without a doubt, Hans Krebs (General) - one of the most qualified experts in the Red Army, lived in the capital of the USSR.According to some sources, in 1933-1934 gg., Other documents indicate his date of stay as the 1936-1939 biennium.There are documents that describe his work at the German Embassy in the 1933-1939 biennium.Over the years Krebs perfectly mastered the Russian language, knew many Soviet commanders personally.

In 1939 a new increase - Krebs promoted to lieutenant colonel.He was chief of staff of the Seventh Army Corps, he participated in the military campaign of 1940 in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.He distinguished himself in the breakout of the Maginot Line.During this military operation was the buckle to the existing awards.

In 1940, another increase experienced staff officer - he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and again sent to Moscow.He worked as the first deputy military attache.In this position, Krebs served until May 1941.

Krebs - General.Military History World War II

in 1941-1943.a talented officer was Chief of Staff of the Ninth Army General Walter Model.In 1943, Krebs was transferred to the new rate, he took command of the Army Group "Center".

Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with politics and the Nazi defeat at the front, forced to act zealous opponents of Hitler.In June 1944, a group of conspirators led by General Klaus von Stauffenberg makes an attempt on Adolf Hitler.As a result, the four generals are dead, and only wounded the Fuehrer.After the assassination attempt began a wave of repression and cleaning at the highest levels verhmata.The investigation was arrested Gen. Hans Speidel and his place the commander of Army Group "B" Western Front took Hans Krebs, general with an excellent track record and an unblemished reputation.

In this position, the general could not show their best side.He and his staff developed the warlords Ardennes operation that has failed.The Germans suffered a strategic defeat.

In 1945 Krebs received the highest award of Nazi Germany - Cross with Oak Leaves.In the same year he was appointed Adviser on the Situation in-Chief of Staff Heinz Guderian.

At the end of March 1945, on the recommendation of General Burgdorf was Hans Krebs was appointed commander of the German Army.General (Military History will remember it precisely in this post) was the last commander of the Wehrmacht in World War II.Last

diplomatic campaign Krebs

Following the appointment of the commander of land forces, Hans Krebs, general and devoted Nazi, knew that the days of Nazi Germany were numbered, but many military commanders, as he had hoped for Hitler, but the Fuhrer decided to self-destruct.Today, historians have expressed the view that in fact shot himself in the bunker of Hitler lookalike.But be that as it may, the news in the rate of the German troops had the effect of thunder in a clear sky.Goebbels and Bormann decided to make contact with the top of the Soviet command, and for this they come in handy General Krebs.

New Army Chief knew Russian.Also, the negotiation process would depend on the personal contact Krebs.He was familiar with Marshal Zhukov.

First of May 1945, the rate of the Soviet command came Hans Krebs.General, whose biography with photos that evening appeared in the international press, was a kind of "dove of peace".As he confessed Nazi commander, after the news of the suicide of Hitler, the Soviet command was only interested in the details of the death of the Fuhrer, and where is his body."The negotiation process is" stalled.All night Krebs answered questions Chuikova.The latter, in turn, called up to Marshal Zhukov, who promised to consult with Stalin.

only in the morning, knowing all necessary information and details of the death of Hitler, Stalin ordered to file a claim representative of Germany's unconditional surrender.

General Krebs, in turn, is taken aback and said that such decisions are taken on their own can not.At nine o'clock in the morning a representative of the Nazis in the Reichstag departed for approval to proceed with his command.At six o'clock in the evening envoy brought a letter to the headquarters of the Soviet command, which Goebbels and Bormann rejected Stalin's offer to surrender.

In his memoirs, General Chuikov writes that General Krebs left the rates of the Soviet command in a very depressed mood.He stopped several times to forget their personal belongings.Chuikov assumed Krebs wanted to be captured, in a situation of absolute defeat, he wanted such a fate, but a "trophy" of the Red Army was no longer needed.

evening of the first in May 1945 the commander of land forces down to Hans Krebs fyurerbunkere and shot himself.He was shot in the heart from his revolver.The body of Nazi found.

Hans Krebs role in World War II

course, General Krebs was a great diplomat and intelligence officer.While working in Moscow, he was personally acquainted with the military leadership of the Union.Mastered the Russian language, it can easily come into contact not only with the diplomats, but also with the usual staff officers.

way from a common soldier in the First World to the commander of land forces in World War II, he gained experience and skills necessary tactical military operations.Almost all his military campaigns were successful, except Ardennes operation.The only indisputable fact remains: if it had not participated in the negotiations of General May 1, 1945, his figure in military history would have remained invisible.