Are there any dangerous spiders Russia?

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Spiders Russia differ considerable variety.It knitters, horses, Araneus, tarantulas, and many other common species.Fortunately, the poison of them very rare.But still, every time a small and sometimes not very many predator instinctively grab the sneakers.So how true our fears?Perhaps it would be better to get acquainted with some types of spiders that are found in our country.And to draw conclusions.


Spider These spiders have ubiquitous.In almost every region, in every corner of the country there is this kind.Name of house spider given to him by chance.The thing is that they prefer to settle in a residential area, and practically lived with us side by side.Typically, a web of this kind of places in the nooks where he will not notice and did not sweep away: in wardrobes, bedside tables in dark corners.Web, sometimes hanging from the ceiling, their authorship belongs.The structure of house spider trapping network resemble a funnel.They are frequent and quite durable, and are in the middle of a depression kind of mink, which is home to the spider.There he is resting, waiting for an insect entangled in a web.As for his building skills, the small houses spider rebuild a new network in just a day, if whisk broom old.Sometimes representatives of this species can grow quite large - up to 20 mm in length excluding legs.This happens when the house a lot of insects, flies, mosquitoes, and hence - a large amount of food for predator vosmilapogo.But the general size of house spider does not exceed 10 mm.

noticed that the sound of music these spiders are selected from the houses and start "to dance" on the web strands.No, this is not linked to their musical taste.The fact is that the sounds make trapping network fluctuate, and the predator decides that it caught someone.When it turns out that empty spider, the spider is trying to shake off her phantom insect.

Earlier on the behavior of house spiders people predict the weather, because these insects are surprisingly sensitive to the slightest changes.Our ancestors trusted them completely and never wrong.It is not known how, but the spider knows when it starts to rain, and when it is a clear day.Before cloudy weather, he climbs into his burrow and sits there bezvylazno.In the second case, by contrast, gets out and do their own thing - extends and strengthens its web as drags cocoons.


This widespread water spiders Russia, which are found mainly in the European part of our country.By way of life is a unique jewel.It is the only species of spiders, which managed to adapt to life in the water.The main habitat of this species is standing water, but it is found in those where there is a weak current.Swimming uses all the spider limbs, in addition, in the course of evolution, this spider has got an extension on his hind legs, which operates on the principle of oars.Silverfish whole body, especially the abdomen, covered with small hairs.They stick to the air bubbles when immersed in water, so the spider seems silvery.Hence the name.This is only one of the spiders, which can be a very long time under water.Serebryanka building there is an air dome, pasted it to any plant or snag.There predator resting, breathes and eats insects captured underwater.In order to build a dome, it needs first to weave a web of appropriate shape and then patiently to fill it with air bubbles.In large spiders the size of the balloon can be the size of a hazelnut.Like most relatives, silverfish spreads trapping network, but he does it in the water.Just like other spiders, it entangles the prey caught in a cocoon of cobwebs.

interesting that serebryanok males considerably larger than females.(15 mm and 11 mm, respectively) In most species, is just the opposite.Cannibalism is often found in other spiders of this species is not common.Females and males safely build their houses nearby.As for the offspring, the little spiders are displayed under the water under the supervision of the mother, and the first time live in a cocoon of air.

curious way to wintering serebryanok.With the approach of cold weather, spiders are looking for an empty shell and fill it with air, so that she floated to the surface of the water.There they attach to the shell duckweed and securely sealed move pieces of plants.It is known that in the autumn duckweed sinks to the bottom, and together with it and a winter "home" spider.In the spring the plant is again on the surface, picking up with a shell.In winter, the jewel is in hibernation, similar to Cryostasis: breathing slows down, limbs still frozen.In this state, it does not need a lot of air, and the spider can live to thaw.

South Russian tarantula

These spiders are found in Russia, not everywhere.Habitat tarantula ranges on the border of southern tropical areas.They are also found in Central Asia.South Russian tarantula lives mainly in arid areas: the steppes, deserts and semi-deserts.Usually the tarantula has a reddish color, but the color can be varied to brown, depending on the environmental conditions.He does not spin webs like other spiders.In this type of hunting it relies on the speed of their response.Tarantulas build small burrows in the earth or sand, which sit waiting for prey.When someone tries to look into the hole and passes beside the predator jumps out and attacks the intruder.Knowing this feature, people have come up with a fun way to catch tarantulas.In an ambush to the spider dipped wax or plasticine ball attached to a string.By attacking the decoy prey insect gets stuck in her legs, and then you can freely to rescue the light.But teasing tarantula is strictly not recommended.Large, especially females (up to 4 centimeters without legs), these spiders can jump up and bite a good stimulus.Not only that, the bite is very painful (comparable to a bee sting, both in mind and the feelings), so also can cause a dangerous allergic reaction.Although in itself this type of spider venom is not lethal to humans.So far there have been no deaths from the bite.

name 'tarantula' comes from the medieval town in Italy - Taranto.There were many spiders similar to our species, but more toxic and large.In the old days it was thought that the bite of this spider man risks losing the mind.A rescue can only pursuant to a mad dance, tarantella.And more than anything in the performance of this dance were adept it came from Taranto.

South Russian tarantula is inherent cannibalism.Because of this, males seldom live up to winter, while females can live for several years.


poisonous spiders Russia does not have such a huge variety of species, such as in hotter countries, but we are very fearful representatives.These include the most dangerous Black Widow.This spider is one of the most poisonous not only in our country but also abroad.Its closest relative - Black Widow, which induces such terror on the people of America.But our spider venom even stronger.Karakurt found in the warmer parts of the South, in the North Caucasus, Astrakhan and Orenburg region.But in particularly hot years have been documented cases of the appearance of spiders even in the suburbs.The females of this predator can reach 20 mm in length excluding the length of the legs.They are considered the main threat to humans, because the smaller males in most cases, are not able to bite through our skin.The color of the body of a black spider, abdomen very large and it may be as bright spots of red or orange.But there are spiders and without these warning markings.The main feature by which one can determine karakurt located on the underside of his abdomen.There is a pale figure, which resembles an hourglass (as it is painted in a bright color as the top spot).

particular danger female Black Widow is in reproduction - from early July to late September.At this time, the spiders migrate en masse.In search of shelter, they often crawl into the house of man.And then may be, for example, under the clothes, where they can be by accident or in a panic to pin down, and then can not escape trouble.Himself bite is not very painful, resembles a needle stick.But the consequences are much worse: first a sharp pain in a place where there was a bite, and then the muscles, particularly of the abdomen and chest, numbness in the extremities, the gag reflex.If nothing is done, the victim waiting clouding of consciousness, coma and death.Fortunately, the whey against Black Widow bite to eat.It is also recommended that the bite immediately cauterize the match.Exposure to heat will destroy most of the dangerous poison and will not give it to seep into the blood.Spiders Russia are mostly harmless, but in no case should not be frivolous, if you notice an insect characteristic features of Black Widow.