Tummy toned

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mirrors in fitting rooms are not encouraging.Especially when you're going to buy a new swimsuit for the summer.Do not panic!Even if you go on vacation a month later, you have plenty of time to make a flat stomach and slender waist.

Rule of Four "no┬╗

1. Do not overeat. and play with them like a child.Choose small portions, nicely laying food on the plate.Fruits, lean meats, dairy products and whole grain breads.

2. Do not eat a lot at night. hearty dinner after a day of starvation - a mistake.Your brain will not be able to fix the necessary information in time to saturation, and you eat more than necessary.

3. Do not starve. Because then the body is rebuilt in the emergency mode.It accumulates fat, thinking that waiting in front of difficult times.

4. Do not drink alcoholic beverages. body perceives alcohol as a poison, so even after drinking a small amount of it ceases to digest what you ate, and focuses on the removal of toxins from the body.

Eat often

good news: the more often you eat, the more quickly burn fat and better metabolism.5 meals a day - this is the optimal number.Let there be three main meals and two snacks (almonds, carrots), and you will achieve energy equilibrium, quickly grow thin.And thanks to the exercise will quickly build up muscle tissue.

Cosmetics for a flat stomach

It is used not only because it contains ingredients that make the skin more elastic and accelerate lipolysis.The fact that the application of these funds have already made to do a simple massage, whereby the stomach more quickly becomes flat.

1. One hand on the waist, and the second Draw a horizontal line across the abdomen (skin easily pressed with fingertips).After 2 minutes, switch hands.

2. apply the cream on the belly and rub it in a circular motion clockwise.

3. perform end tingling in the fingers of both hands.

Professional waist

If you want to quickly and effectively get rid of fat around the waist, sign up for fitness.The coach will help you find an individual that matches the needs of your exercise program.We also recommend Pilates (it strengthens all the muscles of the lower part of the body) or cardio (speeds up metabolism).Useful and yoga, which helps to relieve the tension from the muscles of the hips.This prevents over-arching the lower back and abdomen.All kinds of physical activity: swimming, walking, cycling, dancing - have a positive impact on the appearance of your abdomen.

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