IOS 8 whether to put?

In September, the world entered the new operating system from Apple.And then, users have a question: "Is it worth installing ios 8?"Today we'll talk about it need this "sistemka" that it is good and what is not at all.

Almost like iOS7

Even immediately after the announcement of the release of the new "OSes" eighth version there were two kinds of opinions about her.So it instituted among American testers: if the jaw after the release turned out to be not nearly at the level of the floor, we can assume that Apple is already one foot in the grave.Immediately there was a logical question: "iOS 8 whether to put it?"Many believe that this update did not meet expectations and is just finalizing iOS7, others rejoice to new opportunities of the system.

In fact, iOS version 8 - is really the "Operating System", which shows us a complete and "nezabagovannuyu 'predecessor at number seven.It fixes flaws and added new applications that are sure to please everyone.But more on that later.To begin with, we will discuss how to upgrade iOS 8.


So, before you make the change of the system, all users need to test your device for compatibility.This question is very often puts the lion's share of the population to a standstill - like and want to put "something new", but you can not.

Fortunately, in order to enable you to address the issue of updates, you must ensure only that you are the owner of the new smartphone.If you have an iPhone 4 or an older version, you can not even think about how to update the iOS 8 - it is simply not compatible with such devices.

with the tablet, the situation is no better - iPad 2 and iPad mini support the "eight", although the first generation iPad has long been an outsider.Endangered Players also severely limited.Only the fifth generation of iPod Touch bothered by a brand new opportunity to please the "little system".


Now you need to prepare your device.After that it will be possible to fully explain how to install iOS8.Before installing, make sure that you have enough free space to upgrade the operating system.If the space is small, it is necessary to do cleaning device from unnecessary music, old photographs, gathering dust applications and all such things.In the case where there is no problem with the place, small "restoring order" did not hurt, and the backup data also will not be superfluous before update iOS 8. The upgrade process is quite friendly and simple.Nevertheless, from various incidents no one is immune.

The "air"

Now it's time to talk about how to install iOS 8. In fact, options are not so much - just two.The first is probably the most simple - on the "air".It is implemented using a Wi-Fi connection.The second approach, in the absence thereof - through iTunes.

In order to carry out the installation of the first method, you must enter the device settings and find "Update".Now wait until the pair happen to Apple, and see a message on the latest available versions of "Update".Then click "Update", then "Apply".Wait for the download to iPhone iOS8 (or any other compatible device).Depending on what you are putting "eight", you will need between 3.5 and 5 GB of free space.After the new iOS loaded, you will need to wait for a reboot, enable or disable the setting and use your upgrade.

iTunes to update

If you are thinking on the issue of "iOS 8 whether to put" and have decided that you want to install "vosmerochku" and a good Wi-Fi-connection either at work or at home you do not havethen you can use the second method updates - through in iTunes.

connect your gadget to your computer (running on PC and Mac), and then connect to in iTunes.After that, through this program you can download and easy to understand, how to install iOS 8. Frankly, it is not clear how much longer the installation this way.

From the point of view of convenience, this method of installation is the most convenient, because when loading takes much less memory.On the other hand, if you have little time, and the speed of the process is important to you, it is better to use the option "over the air".The main thing - do not forget before the start of the process to make backup copies of the data, not to make unnecessary problems with the update.Now that we know how to put the system, let's talk, what's new in iOS 8.

General Updates

So now we will focus on what general changes have been new iOS version at number eight.Let's start from the beginning.

Wallpaper - change the traditional Apple.As always, the company has added several brand new "skins" for your device.Minimalist paintings that do not strain your eyes, barely diluted textures and particles of "cosmic" motifs - that's something that hardly ever get tired of it.If you change the wallpaper several times a month, the user can enjoy the new pictures on iOS slightly more than 8 years.Should I install iOS 8?Decide for reading our article on.

Lock screen at first sight absolutely not changed.Such thoughts are absolutely as long as you do not have a notice of any application.Now, banners have become completely interactive and have received a number of new and useful features.For example, the iOS version 8 now allows you to quickly respond to messages, to carry out actions with the calendar and the new letters.Apple has promised that the possibility of the lock screen will only expand.

panel multitasking in iOS 8 has not changed much compared to its predecessor.However, some changes are still visible.Now, just above the thumbnails displayed apps contacts with whom the user has recently communicated.Apparently, the creator wanted to make maximum use of available space on the display, which succeeded very well.


Before finally decide the question: "iOS 8 - whether to put it?", Let's talk about the more interesting part of any gadget - its applications.The new version has everything you may need for the modern man comfortable working with the unit.

iBooks - a great app for reading books.On iOS, 8 it has become systemic.Now the screen will always be "superfluous" icon.Delete and move the application will fail.Is it convenient?The answer may not be clear: on the one hand, fans of third-party libraries do not appreciate this innovation, but as the promotion of corporate store books - perfect.

Mail - email with iOS 8 was at times more convenient.For starters, you can note that the display is very well read and "sealed" letter.Plus - to work with e-mail is now possible without the need for a multi-mode - flick of the wrist may "wipe away" a draft down to work with e-mail and get back to writing.

Passbook - an application that stores boarding passes, tickets, and so on.This time it is updated - now you can use to safely calculate the net and convenience stores.Unfortunately, the application works only in the US, and only 6 of iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus.So your iPhone iOS 8 with a similar application can be seen so far only the Americans.

Safari - internet browser has been updated, too.Now it has an icon request the full version of the page instead of the mobile.In addition, users can quickly work with JavaScript.All browsers "eight" can successfully work with quality "Safari".

Health weather

Of course, before you update the iOS 8, it is important to know what additional features and useful functions now have in the system.For example, a number of applications for surveillance of health and weather.HealthKit - a program to collect and store information about your health.Many hope for a speedy release of large special hours for him, endowed with numerous and various sensors.Unfortunately, even with the announcement, it became clear that there is nothing to wait and hope.In general, the good old application HeathKit remained unchanged.In truth, this application has upset customers.

But the "supplier" weather forecast, Apple changed.This time they decided to abandon Yahooo!and selected Weather Channel.He previously supplied basic information about weather, though, and did it with the help of "Yahoo!"


doubt, have undergone tremendous changes, and system settings.In general, they help users to work with "OSes".In order to improve the security added a special ability to track the last location of the phone at a critically low charge.

your gadget will be able to supply information on the consumption of energy absorbed by different applications.In addition, you now have the opportunity to find out what games and programs launched in recent years on the device.Plus, you can easily keep track of what the developers do not care about energy consumption phone or tablet.New iOS 8 helps users and gives advice on how to extend the life of the appliance away from the wall outlet and the charger.

there and "petty" change of settings.For example, photo / video adds support for synchronizing with the "cloud" and web browsers.Quick search for information and settings "privacy" is also significantly improve the life of the owner of the system.

Camera there are some "modern" innovations.For example, the ability to quickly upload your photos to the "Instagramm" and tips that help you make better pictures.There are even those who can give a few ideas for self.There was a gallery and search, settings, editor of shadows and "Liked" photos.


Now the question is "iOS 8 whether to put it?"adults ask themselves less and less.All this thanks to a family of data access.He coined for those who have family and loved ones are products of Apple.This function is completely free, customizable easily saves.

Very comfortable family access for parents with children.They will always be able to connect their offspring to access, and then quickly and easily be able to detect its location and calculations.All purchases are made through a bank card adults, so all purchases and spending will always be under control.

So today we talked, what's new in iOS 8 and how to install it.Do you need a crucial step or not - it's up to you.If you use a "seven" and not run into numerous "bugs", the answer to the question "iOS 8: whether to put it?"it is best to give a negative.For a very small number of smartphones and gadgets is not able to update to this version.No need to buy a new smart phone for him and "bother" about how to go on iOS 8. However, if you prefer to follow the fashion and novelties, you can safely put "eight".