YouTube stars have turned 2 Vagina

And she learned about it only 21 years old.

Like most women with 22-year-old American Cassandra Benkson pair of hands, feet, eyes, ears.But it has also two vagina, uterus two (there is one in each pipe and one ovary), two of the cervix.

way, Cassandra became famous a few years ago is not it, and rolls on its popular video sharing YouTube, which Benkson with severe nodular or cystic acne, showed the world how to use makeup skillfully done can live a normal life and be attractive.

young resident of San Francisco, over which the school namehalis and teased because of the abundance of acne on his face, became a star thanks to the fight against this scourge, and that in this regard, it has become an expert on makeup.

From pimply victim who was forced to leave school because of bullying, Cassandra became a popular figure on the World Wide Web.Several modeling agencies drew attention to the pretty girl that has found the strength to instill confidence in other people with the same problems as her and as a result has become a real model Benkson with contracted many well-known agency.It also passed a dermatological treatment, after which the skin condition has improved significantly, although the disease is not completely gone.

And last week, Cassandra told about himself another juicy details.

turns out, she was born with two vaginas and two queens.The fact that it has two female sex organ Cassandra learned only recently.

"I have always had heavy periods, lasting for two to three weeks, but I thought it was something hormonal. Especially because I had an abundance of acne that covered 90% of my face, chest and back. It was only when I started having severe back pain, I went to the doctor. She suspected a problem with the kidneys, carried ultrasound scan, and then said that everything in my order, that's just vaginas I have already as much as two. I neverpaying attention to it, since the outer opening at me one, but inside I have another vagina. Both vagina coupled with its own womb, so essentially I was there for two menstrual month. This explains the heavy bleeding and severe pain "-Benkson said.

This anomaly is called uterus didelphys, and the world has less than a hundred women with two reproductive organs.Pregnancy can occur at a time in each uterus, but the chances of miscarriage and premature births is much higher.By the way, in 2011, a resident of India Rinku Devi, which at that time was 28 years old, gave birth, with the above-named anomaly, the twins - one from each uterus.

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