Uneven fingernails: causes, treatment

Every woman dreams of a beautiful manicured nails.But sometimes the different situations of life or inattention to their health may harm a horny plate.Today, we find out why some people are deformed fingernails, types, causes of this problem.Also, determine how you can get rid of such complications as unevenness and roughness horny plates.

reasons strain

uneven, ribbed and wavy fingernails may occur in people in such cases:

  • If there was injury.
  • When careless nail care.
  • If there is a fungal or bacterial infection.
  • If there are certain diseases of internal organs.
  • predisposition.
  • If a person has experienced stress.
  • Improper diet, iron deficiency.

traumatic factor

jagged fingernails, the cause of which lies in the defeat of the nail plate due to injury or pinch the toes, strong pressure, often observed in children.It is often the children playing in the backyard or even at home, they injure themselves.And it often affects fingernails.Typically, stunned by the plate, which appeared as a result of injuries, it disappears after some time as the new regrowth.

Sloppy care

jagged fingernails, the reason for which the gross Cuticle require gentle care.After all, if a person uses metal tools, he can just damage the structure of the horny plates.And the wounds, cuts, cracked skin of the hands are doing susceptible to defeat by different fungi, which only exacerbates the problem of irregularities.

remedy the situation

If the reason is in the wrong care, then you should think about it and start properly handle their nails.It should get rid of such habits as biting, tearing burrs.If the problem already exists, then you must go on a dry manicure, which cares for the horny plate, it eliminates the injury.

presence of a fungal or bacterial infection

This cause of the irregularities and the tuberosity of the nails can be a consequence of the second factor - the neglect and rough cuticle cutting burrs or ejection.After all, if a person at this moment appears the wound, then after a while it can penetrate through the infection and contamination will occur.

fungus appears most often in the summer.It may first be formed on the legs, and then go on your hands.This disease can be recognized by the presence of irregularities, brittle, tuberosity, the looseness of the nail surface.On the horn plates may appear longitudinal and transverse grooves.

uneven fingernails, the cause of which in the presence of bacterial and fungal infections are treated only with the help of a specialist.Hike to a dermatologist in this case is optional.The doctor sends the patient first pass tests, and after the results will be clear when the etiology of the problem, he appoints the medication.

diseases of internal organs

sometimes ribbed, wavy and uneven fingernails (causes and treatment are described in detail in this article) are a sign of an illness.For example, in pneumonia surface varies horn plate.Apart from this dangerous disease, a change in the state of the nails can affect diseases such as flu, anemia, cholecystitis, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema.Problems with the cardiovascular system, the thyroid gland can also contribute to the deterioration of the horn plate.To get rid of the irregularities on the nails in this case, it is initially cure diseases caused by such a defect.


Sometimes it happens: the person at the genetic level laid his horn plate is uneven and bumpy.In this case, almost impossible to solve the problem.However, doctors may appoint a person to take calcium to strengthen nails natural remedies containing resin, and silk.Are these drugs are not cheap, but if you want to look beautiful and healthy, you should not feel sorry for themselves money.

Stressful situations

everyday stress, depression may also affect the appearance of strains horny plates.How is the uneven surface of the nails in this case?First of all, you must cease to be nervous, to change the attitude to life (take it easy), exercise, get rid of bad habits, to change the social circle.But if a person can not change the situation, it should at least 3 times a week to pamper your nails care: do the bath with sea salt, to massage with rubbing balm, apply protective measures.

Events that can heal the rough nails, or prevent damage

  1. European, Japanese, SPA-manicure.
  2. use of domestic and cotton gloves when handling chemicals (powders, gels for washing floors, dishes and so on. N.).
  3. use lacquers with nacre.The woman should buy funds with a homogeneous structure without sand inclusions.For additional elements can damage nails.
  4. Using a special medical coating prior to application of decorative paints.
  5. Manicure instruments should be a personal thing for each person, like a toothbrush.Also do not forget that before each use of a device it must be disinfected (not to carry infection).

Ingredients and formulations

Iron deficiency, which plays an important role in the body, can become a factor in the emergence of such problems as uneven fingernails.The reason for this deformation is clear, because without enzymes, whose composition and include iron, can not be the synthesis of thyroid hormones, which play an important role in immunity.And if the body's defenses are weakened, the person becomes extremely sensitive to various bacteria and fungi.Therefore, any person in the diet should contain sufficient iron.Foods rich in these micronutrients are: beef liver, green apples, pomegranates.You can also buy the drugs at the pharmacy, which contain iron, for example, means "Elecampane", "dash-Wit."

to restore the nail plate, the deformation which occurred after the stress, you need as quickly as possible to remove its negative impact.In this case, the drug will "Nervo-Wit" - it will return the peace of mind and make your nails neat and beautiful.

Home treatments: treatment

If a person is found waviness, roughness of the nail, then he needs treatment.Of course, should first go to the hospital and find out the cause of this problem.But at the same time it can be parallel to try to fix this situation.To do this, do contrast baths: omit fingers for 5-10 minutes, first in hot, then cold water.Then you need about nail ridges make light massage.

If the deformation occurred not because of some illness, then it is possible to use the popular therapies.Excellent help inflicted on the nail beeswax.You can do the bath of decoction of chamomile and mint.

Some people have resorted to polishing nails.However, this procedure has to do a specialist and be sure to not more than 2 times per month.

If the cause of the irregularities on your nails - in the presence of some disease, then, of course, should first remove the disease from the inside, and then, and external defect.However, the treatment process rather long and laborious, so you should be prepared for such therapy.After get rid of the waviness and roughness of nails, you will need to closely monitor their condition, so the problem is again manifested itself.It is also important to eat right, be screened regularly by doctors and drink vitamin-mineral complexes.

Now you know that the uneven fingernails - causes and solutions to this problem in detail in the article - have a different etiology.Predisposition, injury, incorrect care, stress, the presence of internal diseases - all of which can be the basis for the emergence of the strain on the nail plate.Timely trip to the doctor, adequate treatment, nutrition - all this will help solve the problem.