Ear plugs to sleep: which is better?

calm and deep sleep gives man not only health.It improves mood and physical condition in the daytime.How to avoid extraneous noises that interfere with normal sleep?After all, we often hinder car rustling outside the window, barking dogs, and suddenly included the window alarm.In this case, you must purchase ear plugs for the ears.To sleep, which will bring you a real vacation, they fit perfectly.

story of

More recently, mankind began to seriously address the problem of providing a healthy sleep.Then it was coined by one of the ways to keep the noise down.The ears twisted steel insert made of cotton balls.These devices are designed to have at least to some extent to provide a person a healthy sleep.However, the wool is a material having a low density.That is why she is missing a large number of different sounds.Thus, to ensure a healthy sleep products made of this material can not.

Medical progress has been fast enough, and soon began to appear paper earplugs.Unfortunately, they are very painful ears.It is not allowed to use the product for more than three hours.But these devices, as well as cotton balls, could not provide a sound sleep.


Perhaps you are interested in such an unusual name devices for sleep.Decrypt it is quite simple.It means "ear protection".The area in which data used tools extensive.However, the most popular earplugs to sleep.In addition, these devices are used by musicians, swimmers, divers.We need earplugs and intelligence agents.Musicians acquire these devices to high-profile concerts in the hearing protection.Swimmers using these products exclude contact with sterile water.Diving enthusiasts use earplugs, in which there are special openings for pressure equalization.And what secret service agents?Earplugs protect them with sound effects of great strength.Such devices are needed, for example, at the time of application of stun grenades.

Who needs earplugs to sleep?

such devices are especially important to those who:

- lives not far from the busy routes;

- a light sleeper and can wake up even the slightest sound;

- forced to rest in noisy environments.

need earplugs to sleep, and in the case if there is a person who snores loudly.


In the event that devices are used properly, the side effects from their use does not happen.However, sometimes there is addictive.This happens in cases where the earplugs are used for a long time.Then the person will not be able to sleep as long as there is no perfect silence.Thus, constantly used earplugs undesirable.

contraindicated to use these devices in the cerumen.In this case, ear plugs are pushed them deep into the ear.This, in turn, causes inflammation, the focus of which can spread throughout the body.Do not use earplugs when disease or injury hearing.


So you've decided to buy earplugs to sleep.What are the best to buy?Covered devices can suppress noise from 20 to 40 dB.The particular value of this index depends not only on the frequency range of sounds, but also on the quality of the material that was used for the manufacture of earplugs.

As used in the manufacture of devices for healthy sleep?Depending on the properties of the material ear plugs are divided into the following types:

- penopropilenovye;

- wax;

- silicone;

- polyurethane foam.


If you buy earplugs to sleep, which is the best of all kinds?To determine the choice, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics used in their production of materials.

penopropilena (or foam) is the most common and inexpensive material.These earplugs muffle sounds great, well coping with the tasks assigned to them.It should be borne in mind that the life of such products is small, but they are pretty cheap.

Earplugs made from foam, have a significant drawback.They expand in a few minutes after installing the ear opening and fall.As a result, the hearing aid does not cease to impact the annoying sounds.Furthermore, said means press on the skin in the ears, becoming a source of discomfort.

Natural material noise

Consumers are also offered earplugs to sleep wax.These products are made of natural material and do not cause allergic reactions.They are very easy to use, because they can fill the ear canal without any pressure on him, perfectly protected from external noise.Maybe this is the best earplugs for sleeping?Of consumers, unfortunately, also point out some negative aspects in their usage.The fact that the products of the wax slightly sticky.This can cause discomfort.These hair stick and any fine particles.As a result, just a couple of weeks of using these earplugs will look unaesthetic, also will not too hygienic.

best option

Silicone earplugs for sleeping perfectly cope with their tasks.These products are the best option for those who want to sleep in peace.

Silicone earplugs to sleep better to buy a size that they are slightly rose above the ear.Drop-down such items will not be.Their positive side is the absolute non-toxicity.If you have sensitive skin, and you choose earplugs to sleep, what is best to buy?In this case, the product must necessarily be made of silicon.This material does not cause any irritation or itching in the auricle.

There are several types of silicone from which made earplugs.First of all, the sheet.This is not the silicone is soft, but it is easy to care for.The material for the production of ear plugs can also be a silicone plastic.It is softer and hence more comfortable to use.It has the same characteristics of silicone thermoplastic.However, it is more moody and requires special care.

When choosing a product everyone must decide independently the question of earplugs to sleep - which is better.Customer reviews are positive product of silicone.Apart hypoallergenic, they do not require selection of sizes and can go to any ear.


If you decide to buy earplugs to sleep any better?Feedback from those who constantly uses these devices, unequivocally recommend to opt for reusable products.They have a long life, easy to clean and do not create discomfort.These earplugs are made from reusable materials.They can serve, for example, polyurethane or silicone.

Reusable earplugs for sleeping (see below photo) have many advantages.They are easy to insert into the ear canal, while avoiding hand contact with those parts of the product that will be inside the ear.In addition, manufacturers equip reusable earplugs special sound filter.This contributes to additional comfort.

How to choose earplugs to sleep as much as possible so that they meet the requirements of hygiene?In this case, the choice should be made in favor of disposable products.After each use, they are utilized.The material for the production of these earplugs is often expanded penopropilena.The price of these types of tools are readily available.

Noise protection

How to choose earplugs to sleep as much as possible so that they carry out their function?This factor is particularly important for those who want to relax in comfort in a noisy environment.In this case, the device should provide good insulation and allow to sleep in complete silence.But at the same time, at a low sound completely get rid of them is not necessary.Small in terms of noise will become a natural condition for sleep.

Given these facts, it is necessary to determine in each case, ear plugs to sleep any better.Special devices for the normal rest are divided into several types.Classification in this case depends on the degree of protection from noise.There are earplugs:

- completely insulated from noise;

- reducing the sound level to a certain value to be able to hear the alarm or phone call.

Usability In the case of ear plugs are made of a rigid material, they will provide not only the mechanical pressure on the ear canal and the ear on.In such circumstances, it becomes simply impossible to sleep, then sleep soundly and sweetly.So keep in mind that earplugs should be required to tender.

Saving shape of the product also contributes to the comfort.Adaptations after insertion into the ear have to take it and keep it in the sleep period.This will close all the space and avoid the loss of the product.

Hygiene ear plugs also affects their comfortable use.Attachments to be made of a material that will not attract dirt and dust, delaying, and after - soaking them.This is especially important when using reusable earplugs.

Comfortable ear plugs must be sized ear.This is necessary because a person changes position during sleep and tossed.The device should not go beyond the boundaries of the ear, but it is necessary that it is slightly above the ear canal.This is an important condition for easy removal from the ear.It is easy to be and the process of putting on.

In some earplugs available connecting cord.This device allows you to avoid the loss of the product.


How to operate the device under consideration?There are a few simple rules, the implementation of which will enable the greatest comfort to protect yourself against the annoying noise:

  1. Before installing the product should wash their hands with soap (preferably antibacterial).
  2. Taking a cotton swab to clean the ear canal.
  3. soft earplugs should be slightly compressed.
  4. Add device to the ear with the help of screw-motions without any pressure.
  5. After sleeping carefully remove the ear plugs and put them in a container (if reusable).
  6. Clear your ear canal.
  7. Contaminated earplugs that stick to your hands, you should either wash or replace.To clean the reusable products require warm soapy water.Earplugs should be completely dried prior to their use.With the loss of form or damage to the unit must be changed.Reusable earplugs stored in the container.This protects them from dust and dirt.

best to buy earplugs to sleep at the pharmacy.Their cost is low and ranges from 10 to 300 rubles.