The largest lottery prize pool for

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Many people receive large sums of money, not wasting too much effort.And do not even leaving home."How so?" - You ask.It's simple - they play the lottery.

Currently a number lotteries, which are popular all over the world.Winnings are hundreds of millions of dollars.Find all the information on participation in the sweepstakes, learn about the results of the draw, as well as all the exciting events happening in the world of online bingo, and finally try your luck in the lottery can be selected, for example,

But let's chatNow we look at the five biggest lottery prize pool for allowing many people to realize their most cherished dreams.

1. Mega Millions

One of the largest lotteries in the United States, founded in 1996.The biggest profit was 656 million. Dollars (2012).This is the biggest jackpot in the history of the US lottery.The second largest jackpot in the world amounted to 648 million (2013).He also belongs to Mega Millions.The amount of the initial jackpot of the lottery is 15 million.Several times it reached 1.5 billion.

The game has Megaplier - an additional factor of winning, thanks to which his final amount may be increased up to five times.

2. Powerball

One of the leading lotteries of the United States, founded in 1988.Today - this is the most important player in this market, and the strongest and main rival Mega Millions.

original Powerball jackpot is 40 million. Dollars.Several times it reached the mark of over 500 million. The largest jackpot for the lottery results was played in May 2013 and amounted to 590.5 million, which went to the pensioner from Florida.

For an additional fee, players can use the Powerplay, which in the case of winning provides an opportunity to increase the amount several times.

3. EuroMillions

Transnational lottery, launched in 2004 and quickly gained popularity.Today it is the biggest game in Europe.

EuroMillions minimum jackpot is 15 million. Euro.It should be noted that quite often it increases the amount of 100 mln. And up.In contrast to the lottery where players can win prizes in 9 categories, EuroMillions has 13 nominations, whereby it is possible to count on a higher probability of getting a prize.The biggest gain was a jackpot amounting to 190 million. Euro.And won the same amount twice - in the United Kingdom (2012) and Portugal (2014).

4. SuperEnaloto

Home National Lottery Italy, functioning since 1997 and is characterized by some of the largest jackpots in the world.The biggest long-term growth of the prize fund amounted to 8 months, which is a record.

The prize fund of the lottery for an unlimited amount of circulation can increase to infinity.This allows you to store huge amounts, so that players can win millions of euros.It is noteworthy that winnings are not taxed, and get them perhaps as a part of (annual payments) and lump sum.

biggest jackpot SuperEnaloto, won in 2010, amounted to 177.8 million. Euro and became the second largest in Europe.

5. Eurojackpot

most dynamic and young transnational European lottery.Founded in 2012, it was.

minimum jackpot - ten million. Euro.The number of prize levels - 12. Compared with the above lotteries, it should be noted that Eurojackpot arranged in such a way that the jackpot is won more often.Therefore, the amount of winnings does not accumulate to levels as high as in other lotteries.The size of the largest jackpot won in May 2015, amounted to 90 mln. Euro.

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