How to transfer from another university or university: step by step guide

How to transfer from the university to another university?Probably, there will always be those who are interested in this issue.Particularly relevant it becomes the end of the school year, when put session, summed up, and the student has a choice, either to stay in the same school, or try his hand at something different, perhaps more appropriate to its aims and ambitions.

There is enough persistent misconception about the fact that the transfer from the university to another university is practically impossible, and therefore, this invention, in principle, a better throw.This is not entirely true.Yes, it's hard to have to tinker with the paperwork and learn a lot of new material to pass the academic difference.But in some cases, such a game, as they say, is really worth it.

In this article, we will mainly about how to transfer from the university to another university.In addition, readers will get good advice and recommendations, if necessary, be sure to help them simpler and more likely to realize our plans.

Section 1. The initial list of documents required from the student

Before the transfer from university to university, it is recommended to get acquainted with all the formalities.

First of all, you must make application for an academic certificate and submit it to the dean or academic department institutions, which had previously been trained.

In the next 10 days to be issued an order rector of the dismissal of the student who has submitted such a statement from the university.

On the basis of this order give the student an original document on education, which is stored at the university upon receipt of the student.

Section 2. How to transfer from the university to another university and what documents should be required from previous studies?

It should be noted that the academic transcript, which is a document of strict accountability (to be ordered in Gosznak, has protection against counterfeiting) must issue within 2 weeks.E. It will take some time, and do it in one day fail.

should pay attention to the fact that it must be indicated without exception, discipline, student learning, and made them coursework and practice.

Section 3. The order of transfer.Actions student

How to transfer from the university to another university and at the same time to save time?Is it possible at all?Well, of course!

before writing the application to issue an academic certificate students are encouraged to determine which university he will continue training.

It should consider the following:

  • now operate public and private educational institutions;
  • possible training in low places, if any, of course, or pay the price;
  • acting form of study: full-time, part-time;in different institutions and in different specialties (directions - for the Bachelor), these forms can be submitted not completely.

With special care should be taken to these points before the transfer from university to university in another city.Agree, sometimes there are a lot of distance, and thus go a few times, clarifying nuances will not only be very uncomfortable, but also financially profitable.

After deciding where to continue their education, should contact the admissions office of the university selected.

When there are vacancies on the selected student specialty (direction), and if the other conditions are satisfied with it, of course, the student has the right to be enrolled in this school.

however, will need to provide the following documents:

  • copy of the record book or extract from the document - up in the dean's office (it must be done before the expulsion from the place where it was begun training) for determining the selected university differences in the curriculum, which willthe basis for drawing up an individual plan for student learning;
  • personal application asking the student to carry out his transfer to university to continue their studies.

Section 4. Procedure for transfer.The actions of the institution

selected student university, which he expects to continue training, if possible, to take a new student gives him a certificate stating that the student is admitted to the certification tests, and after them successfully withstood credited forto continue their education.

part of the discipline on the basis of certification perezachityvaetsya students, and a number of his own, and have to learn how to eliminate academic debts.

necessary to take into account the fact that the answer to the question of how transfer from university to university in Ukraine or, for example, in Belarus, a lot easier, if the transition is carried out within the legal framework of one country.Otherwise it will have to take into account national peculiarities of foreign educational institutions.

After receiving the above-mentioned reference to the student should go to the former administration of the institution and write an application for the dismissal to continue their education elsewhere, and to issue a certificate of education and academic information.

Before the student will provide all the necessary documents, he may be admitted to employment by order of the rector.

Order of enrollment is issued after the required documents are presented in the Certifying Commission of the new university.This document must be indicated and the elimination of academic debt.

New school students formed a private matter in which make his application for a transfer, a photocopy of the original document on education, as well as an extract from the order of enrollment in the order of transfer.

If a student is credited with payment on a place of education, private business entered a contract for the provision of paid services in the field of education.

Only then hands on the applicant must issue a record book and student card.

Section 5. The list of documents submitted to the selection committee:

  • Personal Statement student of translation.
  • Transcript of Records at the end of training at the university, where training began.
  • documents on education, on the basis of which the student was enrolled in the university.
  • extract of enrollment in the university, where the student decided to continue training.
  • If the training will take place for a fee, you must provide a contract for the provision of paid services.

Section 6. How to transfer from the university or university of Ukraine in Russia, ie. E. A foreign institution?

to translate a foreign college or university, you must pass an exam, the results of which confirm the knowledge of the language, which will be trained abroad.

also obligatory statement about the degree of development of the Russian high school curriculum, which began training.

All educational achievement willing to continue their studies in a foreign university are taken into account.

You can choose other way transfer to the university abroad - to study in summer school, learning outcomes which will be considered for admission.

requires a copy of the documents must be granted until April.It should take into account the fact that the beginning of training in foreign institutions are not represented by the same date, as in the Russian universities.

Continue training can be of the semester, the beginning of which will be issued a positive decision on admission to study.

Section 7. Can I foreigner in the Russian university?

Theoretically, such a procedure is quite real.If

between the State where the student began teaching and Russia have an agreement, under which the transfer can be carried out, then the procedure of enrollment of the student in a Russian university can and carried out in accordance with this document.

Section 8. At that, first and foremost, you should pay attention to?

  • When translation is carried out within the university, the procedure is the same as for a transfer to another university, but the difference is not academic need.
  • respite for young men from military service in the translation is stored only on the condition that the first transfer, and the period of training in the amount is not increased by more than 1 year (college, by the way, must have state accreditation).
  • a transfer from non-accredited universities in akkteditovannye obligatory certification in the form of external studies, except in cases where such a practice is not allowed.
  • Perezachityvayutsya usually not all discipline that studies the student.Some of the disciplines necessary to put in order the elimination of academic debt.