Tales of writers and poets

podborochka tales about the workers of the pen.

Alexandre Dumas once participated in a duel, where participants drew lots, and the loser had to shoot.Their lot Dumas, who went into the next room.A shot rang out, and then returned to Dumas with the words: "I fired, but missed."


Bernard Shaw, when he was a renowned writer, collided with a cyclist on the road.Both escaped with slight shock.Cyclist Sorry, but Shaw said: - You're out of luck, sir!A little more energy - and you would have earned immortality as my killer.


In the 80s of the 19th century Russian novelists initiated traditional "monthly dinners writers."At one of these dinners are present decided to send a message of greetings to Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, who was then seriously ill.Create text of the telegram was assigned a certain Golovacheva.He was a bad stylist and wrote as follows: "Every month you greet diners ..." etc.The satirist said: "I thank you and all the diners every month. Daily dinner Saltykov."


Somehow Rasul Gamzatov Joseph Kobzon complained that he could not get an apartment in Moscow.Kobzon, who are always happy to help everyone, went to the mayor of Moscow field and began to rebuke him.He waved his hands: - But where we just did not offer him an apartment: in the most prestigious areas in the best houses on Gorky Street, the street Alexei Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky Street.He refuses from everyone.Kobzon called Gamzatov: - What are you misleading me?After all of this can only dream of!- Street Gorky, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky ... And you thought, when I die, they will be renamed in my honor?


in the Central House of Writers, where he worked as a hairdresser Morgulis Moses, this man is very much linked hilarious tales, comes haircut Valentin Kataev.He had just returned from Italy.Barber asks:

- Valentin Petrovich!And you say, were in Italy?

- Yes.

- Well, how?

- Oh.

- A Pope saw?

- Saw.

- Well, what is it?

- as the Pope Pala.

- And how was it?

- Out Dad, they all stood up to his knees.

- And you?

- I just bowed his head.

- A Dad?

- And Dad says, "Mr. Kataev what you asshole vows so badly?"


at a reception Mark Twain spoke with a lady.He had a cheerful mood, and he said:

- You are adorable.

ungracious lady replied:

- Unfortunately, I can not thank you enough the same compliment.

writer laughed:

- And you do like me: tell lies!


In the 60s, the poet Jaroslav Smelyakov was already famous and taught (led seminar) at the institute.He had a habit of rest in "motley" CDL dining room, sitting alone at a table with a glass of your favorite vodka.How many would not have been in the restaurant writers, no one gave it a second empty chair from behind his desk.

- And who are you waiting for?- Once asked a young poet Peter Vegin, angered by his refusal to give the chair.

- Pushkin!- Calmly replied Smelyakov.


Anton Chekhov Petersburger was not, but, especially at the beginning of his literary career, often came to St. Petersburg for the writer's works.Once Chekhov went to the editors of "Fragments", which worked, and editor Leikin boasted to him a beautiful story, sent to the "Shards" No one knows the author begins from Tsarskoye Selo.Leikin was delighted, and was going to invite the author for personal talks to bring him to cooperate in the journal.Chekhov was interested and took the manuscript and read with amazement learned published its own story, painstakingly copied by hand.Leikin indignation knew no bounds, and Chekov smiled and said quietly: "Plagiarism - is the best sign of popularity."


Yuri Olesha preferred the cafe of the hotel "National".One day, he went out of it, besides zagruznevshim inappropriately burdened by a friend, I saw a man at the entrance in black uniforms embroidered with gold braid and chevrons.

- Taxi!- Asked Yuri Karlovich.

- I'm not a doorman, I - Admiral!- Snapped the owner of magnificent forms.

- Then - a boat!- Unabashedly demanded Olesha.


Once the wife of the French fabulist Jean La Fontaine found her husband in tears.He sobbed, sitting near the desk.When she asked him what was the matter, Lafontaine instead of answering her profile read from his novel in which the hero could not overcome the obstacles and to marry his beloved.Wife Lafontaine also wept and began to beg her husband:

- so unite him with the beloved.

- I can not!- I said Lafonten.- It's only the first volume of writing.


Alexander Kuprin in the presence of his friend Ivan Bunin bought a hat.Suddenly he threw a new thing to the ground, shuffled his feet on it, wiped his feet, then lifted, straightened, brushed off the dust and pulled down.

- Wear entirely new hat indecent, - he said and added: - As, however, be too famous.

While the world press roared to award Ivan Bunin Nobel Prize for Literature.


during the NEP in one of the questionnaires, which were supposed to fill even the writers, there was a question: "Do you own land and who work it?»

Luknitsky Writer Paul wrote in the questionnaire reply: "Spokenearth in a flower pot.She handles her cat. "


At the beginning of the literary career, the English writer W. Somerset Maugham wrote his first novel "from Louise Lambert", which, unfortunately, no one was buying.

resourceful writer put in many newspapers a marriage announcement:

«young, handsome doctor, a wealthy, animal lover, musical prodigy, looking for the purpose of marrying a girl-Englishwoman, which at least in the soul is a kind of" Louise from Lambert ".

Within a few days after the publication of the marriage ads first novel writer has sold literally selling like hot cakes.

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