Example Login: instructions for the novice user

For beginners need a little coaching on the topic: "How to invent passwords and logins example" and called to dignity, and to remember this vital combination.Consider the examples of usernames and passwords that can be registered users to work online.

modern user Internet access to all its advantages - freedom of access to information, communication through various channels, an immense arsenal of technical means to visualize their creative ideas, sources of earnings by ... Sometimes a good memory to login depends on many things - the time to read the letter on timethe stored data.To work effectively in a global network needed at least several individual logins and passwords for access to forums, social networks, chat, video conferencing.The problem is that users on the Internet - nearly a billion.And the most successful and popular options for logins have someone mastered.

There are different approaches to the formation of names.Consider the typical examples of usernames that are received in a networked world.The most common basis for frequently taken its own name, stage name, a combination of numbers with the value for the user (the year of birth with the name and other important dates), a nickname, the informal version of the name.There aliases game - computer games.In fact, it does not matter that it contains login.The main thing - it must be unique, otherwise the user simply will not pass the procedure of registration.The selected login is sometimes impossible to change, it is best to approach this issue carefully enough.

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Example based login name

most often refers to himself by the web, using their own passport details.This is a logical and easy logins example, the most common, but related problem is unique - there are many of the same names.In this situation, there is a way: connect the name with digital data, to share their point of departure or a hyphen, use the suffixes, prefixes, and special characters.

  • anna.andreeva.1999;
  • semen-semenich.

It all depends on the imagination of the user.However, in this case, many became known date of birth.You can use any numbers - zip code, number of the machine.Username used to log on to the website, forum, social networking.This requires binding password.Password is better to take a close in spirit to the login that is easier to remember:

  • pr-manager (the profession);
  • lenochka (sister's name).

Password You can change, especially after the attempted burglary.

Postal logins

mainly for e-mail login (examples will be discussed below) is created to make e-mail.Address latter is a combination of the domain name of the individual "rooms" box, which can be described in words and figures.A typical example of logins for email as follows:

Choice box depends on personal preference and the name - from the audience to which you can send e-mails from that address.There is a difference between personal and official mail - the first is intended only for private correspondence, the second - only for the business relationship.

Login for Skype

features chat and video conferencing through Skype application uses a lot of people today.In addition to mail and many other numerous registrations online in Skype is also required to register the nickname that would be easy to remember.Which is better to use a username in Skype?Examples can lead indefinitely, but it is better to base the name of the program - Skype - and connect individual data.Here is an example of logins, designed specifically for Skype:

  • marina.erohina-skype;
  • skypeskriper;
  • dimaskype

Thus uniqueness will be respected, and all users (including you) will be easier to remember your unique name to communicate in to Skype.

Universal and professional logins

If the above options are unique enough, here's another example of the logins that are matched quite strict and serious.Is this your business username that you use to work or correspondence with significant career persona, clients and officials.You agree that by sharing frivolous contact ([email protected] or [email protected]) You hardly will win credibility in the business community.In addition, this e-mail address is difficult to remember, but at the first receipt of this letter to the addressee may not penetrating, send it to spam.To win a foreign authority and instill self-respect, you must not only be professional, have good manners and to work effectively.Little things like a button or torn stupid mail address or alias to the Internet can be equally confusing employer or business partner.Here is an example of logins that will reflect your personality and allow them to easily remember:

[email protected];
[email protected];
[email protected]

As you can see, the impression is created from the business login radically different.

How to remember logins

order not to expose themselves to the risk of data loss, it is necessary to fix the combination of username and password in a safe place inaccessible to outsiders, encoded in a notebook or keep a special file offline, where you can enter all the individual data.Desirably, the username and password are logically related to each other.Professional login password may be in the form of a department name or product that the company produces.Personal - the child's name or a favorite actor.Using the associative array can be securely fixed in the memory of the most ornate login.