The best - the enemy of good: 5 mistakes make-up

makeup was invented in order to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of making the female face attractive.But as you know, the best - enemy of the good: trying to get the perfect effect is very easy to go too far, turning beauty into ugliness.We chose the 5 most common mistakes in makeup to be avoided.

1. Too much powder and foundation

Wanting to create the appearance of a perfectly flat skin, women applied a ton of foundation and to avoid unpleasant glare - even powder.As a result, the face looks unnatural and unsightly tonalnik remains in folds around the eyes and around the mouth, emphasizing wrinkles.Powder also creates the impression that the person dipped in flour.

Another problem - ill-chosen shade of foundation.In contrast with the color of neck and neck, the face is like a mask.The same can be said of dot blurring pimples - the wrong tone only accentuate the problem.

2. Too thick sloppy arrow

Wanting to look tempting, many girls hastily draw arrows, without thinking about how this reality is important the accuracy and precision of lines.Too thick sloppy arrows capable of causing only one wish - to wash.

3. lumps of mascara too long or extended eyelashes

Another trouble beautiful ladies - lashes.Attempts to make them thick and bulky with the help of the carcasses often end effect "spider legs" when eyelashes are lumps.No less of a problem - too long, extended eyelashes, causing more associations with some insects than with the "cat eyes".

4. Improper tone lipstick

Lipstick right shade can adjust the shape of the lips and refresh the face.With this in mind, many women forget that some of the colors - bright or too dark - is not for everyone.When choosing a bright lipstick should take into account not only their tsvetotip, but also shade of tooth enamel, because the contrasting tone can visually make the teeth yellowish or gray.

5. Drawn eyebrows or the wrong color tattoo

too brightly painted or penciled eyebrow pencil look not just artificially, but also ridiculous.Another problem - properly chosen color tattoo or paint, not to mention the uneven application.Such an eyebrow, no doubt, attract attention, but this is not at all the attention that you would like..

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