Monogamous - is it good or bad?

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Monogamous - a kind of marital relationship in which a person officially has only one partner.

This point is governed by the laws of each country.In some countries, polygamous marriages (polygamy / polyandry) allowed: in some parts of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.In our society it can be a kind of "serial monogamy" - complete interruption of past relationships and creating new ones, t. E. Divorce.

Select the type of marital relations - polygamous or monogamous - it is, by and large, the influence of religion on society.Islam is allowed to have several wives, but only if the man is the same for all his women.If you take Christianity, then you will find that a monogamous relationship - this is the only correct relationship between human beings of different sex, intimate relationship with another person is considered a terrible sin.All thoughts and feelings must be dedicated to only one partner.

Monogamous - it is also a form of sexual relations, in which the mating is accomplished with only one person.In the animal world is the most common polygamy.The instinct of procreation forcing the animals to have a strong, high-quality seed, which is obtained from a combination of various genetic codes.One male fertilizes several females.But there are examples of monogamous relationships among animals.The most famous of them - a white swans, no wonder they are a symbol of love.More Some representatives - wolves.Typically monogamous animals behave like people: they live in pairs, with care for the offspring, and the couple breaks up only when one partner dies.

last point can hardly be attributed to the description of human relations.The number of divorces per year in our country often exceeds the number of prisoners marriage.So can we talk about human monogamy?Our society can be called monogamous formally, monogamous family - yes, monogamous relationship - not.But despite this, the country where encouraged monogamous relationship, more progressive and safe, unlike polygamous countries where men have to compete for women who are severely lacking in these conditions.

Some people are truly monogamous.They are arranged and brought up so that they recognize only one partner for a lifetime.Such people do not start a new relationship, even after the death of his partner: they continue to love and wait, when once again be reunited with a loved one again.This devotion is much higher and realize monogamous animal instincts.But that human society does not happen often.

Monogamous - a sentence that does not behave as indicated by the Company.Whoever you are - monogamous or polygamous, most importantly - be honest with yourself and others.No one is forcing you to fidelity to one man.It is not necessary to tie the knot.However, it should be honest with their partners, a timely warning of their inclinations.