Tips for men: what if you did not get up

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What to do if you do not got?This issue is very worried about the men.Quite often there are cases when the most important thing is not just an erection occurs.That is not a member of the stands.The fact is that the erection of a member does not depend on consciousness.It manages the process for the most part of the nervous system.She, in turn, activates the tremendous excitement, because of what is called the feeling of stress.Most often it occurs in men inexplicable fear of failure or overdo.If this is his first time, he may still worry because that does not experience sexual attraction to your partner.Or, conversely, it is too excited.Maybe he leads an unhealthy lifestyle.It's easily cause stress and anxiety in general for the whole body, and for the reproductive system in particular.Therefore, you should find out what to do if you do not get up.

first thing needed urgent help.Tragically, the man can not quickly calm down, as if he wanted to.And so there are some psychological techniques help.If a man will have little idea about what to do if you do not got, he will already be easier to control the sexual act.So should list these techniques.

To relax, you first need to find the cause of the excitement and stress.Perhaps a sense of guilt?You need to get rid of him.From feeling uncomfortable, which is bound to occur because of this situation, too.It should be understood that both the partner at this moment would feel awkward.What to do if you do not got?Focus and think about everything.At such times, do not be afraid to act openly.Just help the woman become an excellent tool to remedy the situation.If the penis still does not rise, then all efforts should be directed to caress.This is, firstly, divert, and secondly help.It should focus on the partner, to connect the imagination and think of moments, through which you can enhance arousal.

"I do not get up. Why?" - Often men are given this question. This is also possible because of morning erection. Such a phenomenon is easy to cause a feeling of zakompleksovannosti because the problem is purely psychological. Confidence in this case can be purchased through specialdrugs. However, they acquire and to make only after you pass the consultation with the doctor. It is also a good idea to go to an appointment with a sex therapist or psychologist. It is during sexual intercourse to observe his body and draw conclusions about the reasons that prevents erections.

If no not just the morning, but evening erections, then it is probably the reason for the organic nature. physical or mental fatigue, poor nutrition, depression, bad habits, a side effect of any medication. prostatitis, obesity, diseases of the nerves, diabetes - this can also lead to a lack of erection.

In short, the reason may be weight.And to find out which one it is affected, it is necessary to consult a doctor or listen to yourself and your body.