To care for themselves in autumn

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There comes a cold, and this means that we meet the season dryness and flaking (even the owners of oily skin), red and gray complexion.All these problems can not touch you, if you just go to a new ways to care for themselves.

skin of the face and body

Get rid of dry skin help oil.For example, you can simply apply coconut oil before each bathing.For the face, choose the oil does not clog the pores of the skin.These include: avocado oil, evening primrose oil, almond oil.

In particularly dry skin areas, especially those where cracks (heels, elbows, knees) - Apply a thick oils and balms.The alternative - Vaseline.

Instead of soap (it is very alkaline) can clean the skin with natural yogurt or milk.If soap is not avoidable, then select options with moisturizing ingredients - based on natural oils and glycerin.

Do not take a bath with very hot water.Instead, use warm water.If you want to sweat - it is better to go to the bath or sauna.The bath can be enriched with glycerin and herbal oils such as tea tree oil, it will help the skin retain moisture.Wipe dry when leaving the bath or shower.

Already you can switch to greasy moisturizing cream (oil-based, rather than water), at least at night.The moisturizer should contain glycerin, alpha gidrokisloty contributing to soften the skin.

Effective for the cold season tonics can be called those that contain essential oils, anti-aging vitamin E. However, for oily skin should continue to use the matting and binding compositions.

Love facials?Continue to put them in the winter.Just better not to use a mask containing clay, this ingredient like "sucks" the natural oils from the skin, and in the winter they are very needed in our skin.Note the mask with milk, yogurt, sour cream, olive oil, avocado.These compounds activate the collagen in the skin.

can moisturize the skin and before peeling, then the process will not dehydrate, and the skin after the scrub will easily absorb moisture.For this purpose, the composition may be administered scrubs oils and other moisturizing components.

moisturizing serum - another new product that you may see with the onset of cold weather.It complements a moisturizer, and does not replace it.


During a home manicure and pedicure, add one more action - Moisturize cuticles with natural oils.They can massage the skin in a moist.If there is no oil - enough to massage the fingers and toes with a moisturizer.

If your hands are very much responsive to a decrease in temperature - peel, crack and so on. - Use a simple way: on every night, wear cotton gloves, pre-lubricated with Vaseline, fat cream or butter.For the same leg saving recipe are cotton socks.

The colder the air, the nails become more brittle.Therefore it is necessary to strengthen them with the therapeutic baths and oils at least once a week.


Cut the hair.Get rid of the hair ends, spoiled by the sun, chlorinated or salt water.Autumn - the best time to start nourishing hair care - this time, masks and balms hair.Deep conditioning mask apply every week.

Proper hair care, which begins in early autumn - is a guarantee that your hair will not get any winter damage in the form of thin and split ends.And be sure to protect your hair from temperature extremes.This means not only protection from the hot dryer, but also by the cold air of the street - so now buy a stylish scarf or hat.


Go for a natural brow.Do not tweeze hairs in the cold, it is better to lay them with special cosmetic eyebrow waxes.And to soften the natural color of the eyebrows - Tint pencil or shadow that a tone lighter than the natural color of hair.

makeup comes time powdery texture and mineral composition.Go to mineral makeup, baked shadows.In addition to foundation, you can use mineral powder, it will make the skin look flawless.

lipstick, lip balm, lipstick in the winter version - it is a composition enriched with vitamin E, they will save from the cracks and dryness.If the lips are very dry, you need to buy a special ointment containing an antibiotic.

Autumn - a good time for a new hair color and new paint make-up.After changing lighting, golden foliage casts a pleasant, warm skin patches.Add the red and brown color palette for hair and face.It is still quite a bit and we go on a cold winter shades.


Eat plenty of juicy fruit and vegetables to make up for the loss of moisture skin.Be sure to enrich the dish with olive oil.

Nutritionists advise to spend a little detox in the fall as a vegetable or fruit fasting days.And then you meet a new seasonal food prepared from the organism.

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