Details about how to knock Warface AK-47

Today we will talk about how to beat Warface AK-47.It is a multiplayer game created by Crytek.The project is a shooter that includes a set of closed maps where fighting takes place between the parties.It is also possible to play against the computer.Participants are divided into commandos and terrorists.The project is a shareware, but its composition has a shop.Equipment can be purchased in-game currency or real money to knock out boxes of luck.AK-47 - one of the most powerful weapons in the game.


turn to the question of how to dislodge Warface AK-47 boxes of luck.You can buy boxes in the store.Initially, this powerful weapon was extremely rare, so battered units.Later, fans of the game managed to develop several methods to obtain an AK-47.The essence of any tactic is reduced to a variety of tricks and specific sequence of acquisition boxes luck.So, first we buy one box.In the absence of her automatic gain 5 boxes in a row, and then open them.If a failure again, buy another 3 boxes.After that becomes even 2 drawers.We repeat this sequence until we get lucky.

alternative solution developed players

So, the game Warface is running.Playing at the site for three minutes.Then buy five boxes and open them.If that fails, we go to a different server and try to repeat until we achieve results.The above procedure tested the players' Varfeysa. "To increase the chances of success before using the method, you can see the bare server.

most concise method

We buy a box of five several times.Repeat until the desired weapon fall.The following method is also the basis of a predetermined sequence of buying boxes.Initially acquire one box.Then five more.In the absence of weapons - again 5, and after - a.This procedure can be repeated if necessary.

proceed to the next tactic.It is believed that with the purchase of boxes every hour in the first minute of his cherished weapons more often falls.According to the players, it can be obtained in 3-4 times.There is another method.Players have noticed that most of the necessary weapons can knock out any day from 4 am to 8 am.Probably it happens because of the smaller number of people on the server.Incidentally, the methods shown can be combined with each other to enhance their effectiveness.So we figured out how to knock Warface AK-47.