A brief retelling of "Taras Bulba" by chapter

¬ęTaras Bulba" - a story, which is part of the series "Mirgorod", written by Nikolai Gogol.The prototype was the Cossack Ataman Kurennoj Okhrim Makuha, who was born in Starodub and was an associate of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.He had sons, one of whom, like Andre works of Gogol, became a traitor.

brief retelling of "Taras Bulba": 1-2 chapter

brother Andrew and Ostap returned home after studying at the Kiev Academy.The elder son Taras did not like the ridicule of their father's clothes.He immediately went with him to a fistfight.Mother ran into the yard and rushed to hug his sons.Father could not wait to see Andre and Ostap in combat.Departure to the camp Taras Bulba appointed a week.However, after drinking vodka, he decided to go there in the morning.Brothers dressed in the early Cossack clothes, took up arms and were ready to leave.Taras on the road recalled his youth.Ostap dreamed only of war and feasts.Andrei was as brave and strong, like a brother, but at the same time and more sensitive.He always remembered the Polish Pannochku which met in Kiev.Once careless street, Andrew fell under the wheels almost gentry rattletrap.He fell into the mud face, and when he got up, I saw that the window watching him girl.The next night, he made his way into the room to the dazzling beautiful young Polish girl.

She was frightened at first, but then I saw that the seminarian himself greatly embarrassed.The maid-Tatar quietly led him out of the house.Finally the Cossacks approached the bank of the Dnieper and crossed by ferry to the island.

brief retelling of "Taras Bulba": 3-4 chapter

Cossacks during the truce rest: walking, drinking.They served the workmen of different nationalities (fed, trimmed) since they themselves could only fight and have fun.Taras presented Andria and Ostap Cossack chieftain and comrades.Young men struck customs Zaporizhzhya Sich.There was no military training as such, but the most severe manner punished theft, murder.Because the sons of Taras differed removed in any case, they immediately became noticeable among the youth.However, the old Cossack sick wild life, he dreamed about the war.Ataman Taras suggested as a crime without an oath (to keep the peace) to raise the Cossacks to fight.

brief retelling of "Taras Bulba": 5-6 chapter

And once appeared on the Sich Cossacks stripped and told that suffered from the Poles, who scoff at the Orthodox faith.The Cossacks were angry and Rada decided to go camping.One and a half days they arrived in Dubno.According to rumors, there were a lot of rich and executed.City residents, including women, have become defensive.Cossacks pitched around Dubno camp, planning to take him into submission.From idleness Cossacks got drunk and fell asleep almost all.Andrew was sober and slept sensitively.I came to him a servant of the very Pannochki (it has just been in Dubno and saw a guy with a city wall) and asked for her meal.Kozak scored a bag of bread and through a secret passage under the ground went for Tatar.Andrew saw that people really began to die of starvation.But Pannochka said that in the morning they will help.Andrew stayed in the city.

brief retelling of "Taras Bulba": 7-8 chapter

morning really came the Polish army.In a hot battle Poles flogged and captured many of the Cossacks, but the assault did not survive and hid in the city.Taras Bulba saw that lost Andrew.At the same time from the Cossack to escape from Tatar captivity, it became aware of a new trouble.Basurmanov arrested many Cossacks and stole treasury Sich.Kurennoj Ataman Kukubenko proposed split.Those whose relatives were at the Tartars went to free them, and the others decided to fight with the Poles.Taras was near Dubno, because I thought that Andrew there.

brief retelling.Gogol."Taras Bulba": 9-10 head

inspired speech Bulba Cossacks entered the fray.Upon its completion, opened the gates of the city, there headed Hussars left Andrew.Beating the Cossacks, he cleared the way lyaham.Taras asked lure mates Andre forest.The young man at the sight of his father lost all fighting fuse.When Andrew came to the forest on horseback, Taras told him to get down and get closer.He listened to as a child.Bulba shot at his son.The last thing the young man whispered his lips was the name of the Polish girl.Taras has not allowed even to bury his brother Ostap traitor.To the Poles came to help.Ostap captured.Taras was seriously injured.On the battlefield it ruled Tovkach.

¬ęTaras Bulba": a very brief retelling of 11-12 Heads

old Cossack recovered and came to the city at the very moment when the Cossacks led to execution.Among them was Ostap.Bulba saw how his son was subjected to tortures.When Ostap before he was to be alive to burn, sought out in a crowd of at least one native person and called his father, Taras said.Poles rushed to search for the old Bulba, but its gone.Taras Revenge was brutal.With his regiment he was burned to the ground eighteen towns.Behind his head promised 2000 ducats.But he was elusive.And when the river Dniester his regiment was surrounded by troops Potocki, Taras dropped into the grass tube.He did not want to, she went to the Poles, and stopped to look for it.Here Poles him and seized.Poles living Cossacks burned, chained to a tree pre chains.In the last minutes Taras thought about his comrades.On the high bank, he saw them catch up with the Poles.He shouted the Cossacks to escape to the river and sat in the canoes.Those obeyed and thus escaped from the chase.Cossack powerful body in flames.Sail Cossacks talked about their leader.