Remember the classics: a summary of Turgenev's "Singers"

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Turgenev - an outstanding classic, made a great contribution to the culture of the late XIX century.Many of his works are included in the compulsory program for the study of literature in secondary schools.His series of short stories, "Notes of a Hunter" is mainly dedicated to the theme of poverty and impoverishment of Russian villages and the plight of farmers and lawlessness in the countryside.One of these stories is the product of the author of "singers".In it the writer a lot of time on describing Kotlovka village, where there are all the main events.The main characters - cherpalschik James Turk and of contractor Zhizdra.Here are summaries of Turgenev's "Singers".

Introduction to Tselovalnik Nikolai Ivanovich

Venue work - Kotlovka small village, which lies on the slope of a hill, which is dissected by deep canyons.Near the beginning of the great depression is a hut, covered with straw.This is a local tavern "Pritynny" that keeps Tselovalnik Nikolai Ivanovich.This burly, graying man with a full face and small eyes.He lives in this area for over 20 years.He knows everything that's going on here, but never told anyone.Interestingly, the owner of the tavern is neither friendly, nor talkative.However, he has a great talent in his establishment to attract guests.Nikolai is married and has children.The neighbors, he is respected.Summary of Turgenev's "Singers" episode begins with acquaintance with the man who runs the institution, where the unusual singing competition.

Meeting with visitors zucchini

Once in the pub Tselovalnik event occurred, which gathered to gawk at all the local drinkers.The best singer in Kotlovka Yasha Turk decided to compete in singing with the contractor of Zhizdra.Guests tavern eagerly awaited match.There were Eugraph Ivanov, who is popularly called Obolduy.Without it, no cost, no booze.And Wild Barin - broad-Tatar with black hair and a fierce expression on his face.No one knew what he was doing and where he got the money.However, he was highly respected in the local community.This strange man with evil eyes was a big fan of singing.This also came and Blinker - fat little man with sly eyes.Contain a complete description of the gathered audience will not allow a summary of the "singers".Turgenev in this work depicts images of people very different, but united by a common passion - the love of music and singing.

contest singing

compete - Yasha Turks and contractor - were also here.The first of them was a slender young man of 23 years old.His big gray eyes and blond curls were pretty assembled audience.Yasha was cherpalschikom at a local factory.His opponent, the contractor of Zhizdra - undersized burly man of about thirty with a pockmarked face and a sparse beard.He sang the first.His voice was pleasant, sweet, with a little hoarse.Contractor sang a merry dance song with modulations and transitions, which caused a smile from the audience.His singing them very much.Contractor was confident of victory.After he began to sing Yasha.Summary of Turgenev's "Singers" makes the reader a sense of curiosity about the results of the singing contest.

victory Jacob

Before sing, Yasha closed from all the hand.When opened, his face was pale.The first sound out of his chest, was weak and dull.But the second was louder and louder.The song was sad, mournful.His voice was like a little cracked, painful.It had everything: youth, sadness, passion, and strength, and sorrow, in short, everything that is so familiar and dear to the Russian soul.Yasha sang with emotion, surrendering the entire song and forgetting about the audience.When he finished, he saw in the eyes of many listeners tears.And some, such as the wife Tselovalnik even cried, turning away from all.It was clear that Yasha won.Contractor he conceded defeat.On this day for a long time in the pub celebrating the victory of the singer Yashka.This episode finished his story Turgenev."Singers" - a work in which the wretchedness of life coexists with a miracle of creativity and a desire to see the beauty in this world.The good news is that people seemed to be tired of the routine and poverty are able to see in person a real talent.It is the gift of singing makes the heart flutter, and others cry.

Here are a summary of Turgenev's "Singers".I advise you to read the work in its entirety.