All you need to know about home facial scrub

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Regular exfoliation - an important component of care.However, not all rely on their delicate skin with purchased formulations.Home remedies - the best solution for the doubters.By the way, so consider even some stars who have no shortage of funds.

example, Taylor Swift prefers the purchased equity scrub with oatmeal and Miranda Kerr loves the recipe with brown sugar.Let us, and we will learn the basics of making home scrubs for the face to keep skin young and not worry about the aggressiveness of the procedure.

To do your own part, you must select the three main ingredients.Let's begin.

Step One: Select exfoliant.These are the abrasive particles that will help get rid of dead and dry skin cells.Most popular exfoliants - a salt and sugar, as well as all varieties: plain white sugar, brown sugar, salt, black sea salt, white sea salt.

This brown sugar - the soft exfoliant of all listed, so is suitable for sensitive skin.And, for example, black sea salt (another name - Hawaiian salt) - the toughest part.

Step Two: Pick oil.Oil - a necessary ingredient of home facial scrub, it moisturizes, it heals the skin.Consider the most basic oils that are in our kitchens:

- Olive oil - the best choice for dry skin, since it effectively moisturizes without clogging pores.

- Safflower oil suitable skin prone to acne, it will help soothe irritated skin, preventing clogged pores.

- Almond oil can be included in almost all compounds, it evens skin protects the skin from damage, including those caused by UV rays.

- Avocado oil has perhaps the best moisturizing properties, is suitable for very dry skin.

- Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, prevents premature aging, for aging skin to a greater extent.

Step Three. Select fruits / vegetables.This is the last step in creating your own scrub.Vegetables (or fruit) ingredients must fully meet the needs of your skin.Keep in kind that scrubs containing fresh fruits, have a shorter service life, and must always be stored in the refrigerator.

- Kiwi and strawberries - a good choice if you want to make the complexion brighter.

- Pineapple contains an enzyme that can dissolve dead skin cells, which makes it an excellent ingredient for skin prone to acne.

- Tomatoes contain lycopene.Due to this matter, they protect the skin from damage and UV light.Besides tomatoes ground dull skin, which is important for oily skin with large pores.

- Cucumbers reduce swelling caused by water retention, have a calming effect, suitable even for very sensitive skin.

Once you have decided on the basic ingredients, you are ready to go.Although, what is work?This work, which has some simple operation:

1. Take a small plastic container, which will store the scrub.As well as a vessel in which you prepare (mix the ingredients).

2. exfoliant first place, no more than ΒΌ of the volume of the container.

3. oil should be 2 times more than exfoliant.

4. Stir until smooth.

5. Add chopped fruit or vegetables, and stir quickly.But do not use too much fruit (vegetables), otherwise they will give juice and dissolve the granules exfoliant.

6. Pour the composition into the container.Close the lid.Store in the refrigerator only, and not longer than 2 weeks.

Examples of simple home facial scrub

now consolidate their knowledge and learn from concrete examples.Before you - the simple formulations for different skin types.

- For mature and dry skin. This scrub will moisturize the skin and make it supple.Ingredients: salt, tomato, olive oil.Use the flesh of tomatoes, peeled and moisture.

- For acne-prone skin. This structure eliminates the dead cells without drying the skin.Ingredients: white sugar, sunflower oil, pineapple.

- for normal / combination skin. This scrub will make color brighter.Ingredients: white sugar, sunflower oil, fresh kiwi.

- For sensitive skin. need soothing scrub, gentle and soft.Suit the following components: brown sugar, avocado, cucumber.

- For normal and thick skin.This composition most aggressive for sensitive skin does not fit.But it exfoliates very well.A coconut oil in its composition soothe the skin, if it is a little annoyed.The scrub contains the following ingredients: black sea salt, coconut oil and pineapple.

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