"Cieza" (hair color): reviews, prices, palette

To date, meet a woman with natural hair color - a rarity.For whatever reasons, the weaker sex overwhelmingly resorted to coloring.Some dissatisfied with the natural shade, someone is trying to cover up gray hair and some just can not live without experiments.In the Russian market in recent years is gaining popularity "Cieza" - hair dye.Reviews wearer testify to the high quality of products.

Selecting paint - a delicate matter

course, every girl prefers painting natural color, knows how important it is to choose the appropriate means.It is not only in shades, great importance is the quality of the product.Nobody wants to spoil the locks in the pursuit of the perfect color.With such diversity it is extremely difficult to stay at a particular brand of dye.Brainstorm all the more difficult to make a choice due to lack of experience.To help all the doubters come online and the advice of friends and acquaintances, many of which have obvious choice - a "Cieza" hair dye, of which the positive reviews.

Company Schwarzkopf & amp;Henkel

Not everyone knows that "Cieza" is a brand known worldwide German company Schwarzkopf & amp;Henkel, which, incidentally, is already more than a century has been developing various kinds of cosmetics curls.For many, this fact in itself would be an indisputable proof that "Cieza" (hair dye, reviews of which are impressive) is a product of the highest quality.The good news also is that this brand has positioned itself as a professional cosmetics for hair, which is different from its competitors affordable price and the ability to use at home.

series products

line hair dyes "Cieza" includes:

- baseline;

- "Oleo intense";

- "Color Mixing".

sale brighteners are also presented with an entirely different principle of action than, say, hair color, "Cieza" blond.Reviews of them are, indeed, about all products in general, positive.If the standard dye allows only slightly change the lighter shade of your hair, the bleach can easily turn even the blonde girl with dark curls from nature.


Today dyes "Cieza" in the base line are manufactured with the formula Pro-Cellium Keratin.It is this product is used by many beauty salons worldwide.Thanks to technology developed by "Cieza" - hair dye (professionals reviews confirm this fact), if sealing the color deep into the structure of the hair, which provides superstoykoe staining and absolute disposal of gray.

Oleo Intense

distinctive feature of this line - Oil activator.The product not only provides high-quality gray coverage, but also makes locks several times more brilliant.For this reason many stopped their choice on this line.Hair Dye "Cieza" Oleo intense ", comments on the properties which are really impressive, making hair soft and silky. Such a powerful effect was achieved by the use of oils. It would seem, what do you need for a perfect coloring? However, manufacturers have pleased customers and anotheran important advantage. Many women complain of discomfort of the scalp after painting, which in most cases is caused by harmful substances contained in some vehicles. The company Schwarzkopf & amp; Henkel has found a solution - hair dye "Cieza" without ammonia. Guest satisfied wearer literally flooded the Internetspace, which brought a brand new wave of success.


clarifier of "Cieza" refer to a professional hair products, which, fortunately a lot of girls, you can use at home. This miracle product is able to provide crystalBlonde without yellowness, with a visit to the beauty salon is not necessary.Note that the bleach is more correction light than for permanent use.

"Cieza" (hair dye).Palette, reviews

As mentioned above, all of the products "Cieza" is divided into three lines, each of which has its own color palette.In general, there are four categories of colors: blond, brown, red and black.As for the reviews, women customers are satisfied with the proposed shades, most of which close to natural.


Hair Dye "Cieza" Caramel Blonde "(reviews found contradictory) promises shoppers unrivaled light shade with a luxurious shimmering gold and caramel. Some holders of dark on the nature of the hair complain of weak effect of staining. Just note that the product is recommendedfor light and gray curls that indicated on the package. For obvious reasons, the darker the hair the result does not match the declared in the picture. As for blondes, they are overwhelmingly satisfied. Both sides noted that the promised softness of hair and shine - the truth. hair looks, according to users, a well-groomed, the paint does not run when applied, no discomfort during and after the procedure is not observed.

Pearl blond

One of the best-selling product line - hair dye "Cieza"Pearl Blonde."Reviews are most often found positive, but there are some nuances, which we can not remain silent.They are mostly associated with tingling sensation during the staining procedure.For those who have repeatedly dyed hair, this is not news.For most dye bright colors characteristic tingling, it happens lightening hair.Despite the fact that at first seem a little ringlets dry, the air conditioning works fine with this shortcoming.As the result declared by the manufacturer, it is fully in line with expectations.According to the girls experienced the tool, hair becomes noticeably lighter for about two or three tones.Some after a long search for the perfect paint for himself chose it in this version.

Brown and light brown shades

not cause lively debate hair dye "Cieza" Brown ". Product reviews are very similar to each other and confirm the quality of the tools. The girls say that the effect is as claimed in the box, the color is stable and thatimportantly, close to natural, gray is good paint, tint on washed away from the roots for a long time. All of this, of course, the merits of the product, which in many ways are the determining criteria in the selection. I am glad buyers and hair dye "Cieza" Blonde ".Reviews of her positive, which means that girls experienced the means were quite pleased with the result.Many say that the dye is easy to apply, does not spread, as is the case with some cheap means, does not cause discomfort.Color, according to the women, and lasts a long time is not washed away.Curls become noticeably softer and shinier.If before such an effect can be achieved only going to the beauty studio, where specialists use a variety of additional hair care in addition to the paint, now you can do it yourself with the help of a single product, "Cieza".


One of the most controversial is hair dye "Cieza" Chestnut. "Reviews found quite polar. How to explain this difference of opinion is hard to say. It remains only to get acquainted with the two opposition points of view. On the one hand, customers complaindry and brittle hair after using the product. According to some, the locks are difficult to disentangle. also notes that the color turns much darker than indicated on the package. The other side, in contrast, is quite happy and get the shade, and the quality of the hair after dyeing. Perhaps allmatter of individual features shag every girl, anyway, to please everyone is not possible. Negative comments will always be, because no matter how hard manufacturers, quality criteria and the initial state of the locks at all the individual. The final choice only do you therefore think morejust before going to staining.


vast majority of women who have already experience the production of "Cieza", noted some peculiarities of paint that distinguish it from its competitors on the market cosmetics for curls.First, the tool very easily and evenly applied, which allows easily carry out the procedure of coloring, without leaving home.Secondly, many emphasize that the components that make up the colors, do not cause any allergic reactions, which is extremely important for people with sensitive skin.Result after staining confirms the high quality of the product, the hair stained evenly, look alive and shiny, pleasing to the touch.Combing hair is easy, it gets the additional volume.The palette is dominated by natural shades, which is also a plus in today's fashion for all natural.Often among the defining virtues of funds referred to its value, because when the professional as the price remains affordable.

How to paint?

If you are still wondering "How to paint?", We will explain in detail to you this simple procedure.In fact, the use of the company's products "Cieza" is no different from any other hair color.The main thing here - to follow instructions and maintain the necessary proportions.All the nuances on the packaging, so the question should not arise.The tool is applied by special applicator (available in a box) on dry and unwashed locks.After 20-30 minutes, depending on the selected dyeing process, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with a shampoo several times, and then use a balm, firming color.


As already mentioned, one of the main advantages of "Cieza" are the prices for the products.The brand combines quality professional cosmetics for hair care and affordable prices, which is extremely rare in the modern world where the beauty industry requires significant financial investments of women in their appearance.On average, box of paint is 250-300 rubles.Buy wonderful tool can be almost any store specializing in cosmetics, beauty salons and even in an ordinary supermarket.It is possible to order products via the Internet.In general, consumers have access to all the possible ways to buy paint "Cieza".Should I pay extra for staining in the cabin, if using "Cieza", you get a wonderful effect, and spend a lot less money?