The "red triangle" on the road

significant part of the modern world's population has any means of transport.In developed countries, especially common cars.Therefore, at some point there was an urgent need for an effective control of an increasingly intense traffic.It was established international system of signs.Currently, the diversity of these characters is divided into several main categories.Consider some of them.

Warning signs

This category is characterized by the fact that a significant part of the notation is framed red triangle.Thus they seem to emphasize road user to a potential hazard which, in turn, points to them.Of course, the notation includes the most common variants of dangerous road sections.Movement on them requires maximum concentration and timely measures to stabilize the situation.For example, it may be crossing the railway, tram tracks, traffic control traffic lights, dangerous turns, especially pavement, allowed the movement of pedestrians, carrying out repair work, the possibility of animals and so on.In that case, if you see an exclamation mark in a red triangle, it should be remembered that such a designation includes a so-called "other dangers".This is all kinds of threats to continued success and stable movement, which are not covered by other characters.

Priority signs

should be remembered that not only in the previous category present such character as a red triangle.The sign included in the priority group.Here, a similar symbol is also used to attract the attention of the driver of the vehicle.A red triangle in the context of this category warned about crossing the main road with a minor, as well as the final abutment.It is important to remember that the convergence can occur on either the right side or the left.Let us consider another important issue.What does the red triangle upside down?This symbol is called a "give way" means that member of the movement, heading to the intersection of the main road on a minor, must perform all necessary actions in order not to hinder the movement of other drivers.

Feature sign "red triangle"

every road user should be aware that the above geometric figure is found only in earlier two groups: the warning signs and priority.In all other: prescribing prohibiting, information, service, refer to the additional information and special requirements - made use of rectangles, squares and circles.


As mentioned earlier, the red triangle is most common in the warning signs, the main task of which is to alert the driver of possible dangerous situations on the road.Consequently, the rules of the road described the need to install it at a certain distance before the start of the suspicious area.Inside the village, this value is from 50 to 100 meters and beyond varies from 150 to 300 m. In some cases, provides additional installation of special plates bearing the name "The distance to the object," which displays the unknown quantity.In addition, if the dangerous area has a large extent, it is also possible to install the sign "Coverage", which is set at an appropriate warning symbol.

important to remember

If a label is on a yellow background, it means that it is only temporary.With regard to the warning symbols, this may mean that the risk is relatively recent, and road services have not been able to take action to address it.If you see a red triangle on a yellow background, and identified it as a sign of the priority that is likely somewhere along the way of your following renovations.They were the reason for the change travel on the road segment.Of course, we should not forget that in the presence of normal and signs of repair it is mandatory to fulfill the requirements of the latter.

Method of production

At present, all the signs present in the rules of the road, made on a metal base, which is covered with a reflective structure.This makes designation noticeable at any time.In some cases, it can be used contour LED lighting.She provided a miniature incandescent lamps, or more commonly LEDs.