Flag of Iran as a state symbol

flag and coat of arms of Iran are the national symbol of the state and enjoy great respect among the local population.First of all, this is due to their close relationship with the history of the country, and more specifically, to a national revolution that took place in 1980.

General description

itself flag Iran flag is rectangular in shape.The height and width of its sides correspond with each other in a ratio which is 4 to 7. It consists of three horizontal bands that have the same magnitude.If you look from top to bottom, they are colored in green, white and red.In the center of the flag is the coat of arms of the state, which consists of a red four crescents and a sword of the same color.It should be noted that this symbol, in turn, constitutes the inscription on the flag of Iran, which literally means "Allah".Besides it here there are other characters.In particular, on top of a red and green at the bottom of the strip along the entire canvas with white letters 22 times in the Arabic language is written the phrase: "God is great."These words allude to the Islamic Revolution, which, according to the Iranian calendar, took 22 days 11 months.

symbolism of colors

The colors of all three bands that make up the state flag of Iran, founded a certain symbolism.More specifically, the green upper band banner of Islam as a whole.In addition, local residents, it is associated with the procedure, fertility and joy.Red symbolizes bravery, courage, and shed the blood of the Iranians in their struggle for independence and the white is the desire for peace.

Brief History

At the legislative level, the Iranian flag in its modern form was officially approved after the Islamic revolution, June 29, 1980.It should be noted that the use of red, white and green color was typical of the local rulers in the early twentieth century.However, if they were connected with the three estates, which divided society.Army favored red, clergy - white and farmers - green.

At the same characters that were applied to the state symbol, differed from those used in the current version of signs.Initially, in the central part of the tricolor was located image of golden lion that was holding in its paws a sword (symbol of Persia).In 1978, the country started a revolution, which ended two years later.Then replace the various images used in the state, came to the symbolism of a religious nature.I was no exception and the flag of Iran, which began to be used instead of a lion stylized inscription "Allah".

most ancient Iranian flag is considered standard, which was discovered during archaeological excavations at Persepolis.It dates back to the fifth century BC and was executed in red and located on the perimeter border of red, green and white triangles.

Coat Iran

As noted above, the Iranian state coat of arms consists of four crescents and a sword that form a phrase that translates as "Allah".Each individual component of a symbol of one of the principles of Islam, namely the Qur'an, human development, denying all forms of idolatry and all authorities as well as fighting for a just a single society.Its author is a local artist by the name of Hamid Nadimi.If you look good, you can see that it is in the form of a tulip.This is not surprising, since among the inhabitants of the country there is an ancient legend that is associated with this flower.They believe that at the grave of every person who gave their lives in the struggle for Iran, grows red tulip.This state symbol was approved May 9, 1980 Ayatollah Khomeini - the governor, who at the time was in power.