Shaker for sports nutrition: photo

beautiful figure is impossible without high-quality and nutrition.Promote muscle-building protein shakes and Creatine.A special container used to prepare the meal replacements and protein shakes, the saving will be a lifesaver for each athlete.In just a few seconds, you can prepare a homogeneous beverage can saturate the body with essential proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

main advantage of any shaker - easy.You no longer need bulky blender or mixer, and you can prepare a drink a few times shaking the container.Save time and power made use of simple tools to facilitate the preparation of special cocktails, really popular with athletes, controlling their muscle mass.In addition, it is quite original and eye-catching accessory that will accentuate your style and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Species shakers

There are several types of unique devices for the preparation of specialized products.Although a single and perfectly simple working principle, they differ in the number of compartments, and all sorts of extra features.

  1. dual-chamber devices as simple as possible.One compartment is used for the powder (gainer, protein, creatine or amino acids) in the second liquid is poured.
  2. Three-chamber shaker for sports nutrition supplemented with camera, which is filled in the capsule.
  3. Four-model has an additional rubber department for spare portions sports nutrition.
  4. All modern shakers are equipped with additional features, such as blending mode, mesh, perforated springs or special ball, allowing to make the mixture as homogeneous as possible.

optimum volume

Regular cooking traditional protein shake is best suited for compact enough Shaker sports nutrition volume of 500 ml.This capacity allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare a portion of a protein drink, both at home and in training.For those who prefer a gainer, the need to adapt a volume of about 650-700 ml.This is because the portion of a protein-carbohydrate mixture is slightly larger than a protein shake.

Housing material

All materials used in the manufacture of the utensils, it is absolutely safe for health.This is a special plastic, silicone and metal.Shaker metal for durable sports nutrition.Plastic and silicone tank light and bright.Recently popular and an electric shaker for sports nutrition.This enhancement greatly simplifies the lives of athletes.To prepare the food, just click on the button - and nutritious cocktail is ready.

Benefits device

course, for the preparation of sports drinks can go a number of ways.For example, mix the ingredients in the pot using an ordinary spoon, or use the modern kitchen appliances - blender or mixer.But to make such manipulation in the walls of a sports complex at least uncomfortable.Advantages of the special dishes are undeniable.This mobility, simplicity and efficiency.

  1. Now you can use your favorite protein shakes anywhere and anytime.The device can accompany you in training and jogging on the road and even the office.
  2. fixture design allows you to place it in the cup holder of the car.
  3. Prepare sportpit possible with just a few shakes.
  4. Shakers for sports nutrition, photos of which can be found in this article - that quite stylish accessory.
  5. Convenient device is extremely simple to use - after using it is enough to rinse with running water or wash in the dishwasher.
  6. Regardless of the source of power makes the device at 100% mobile.
  7. protein diet can be drunk straight from the appliance.Thus, there is no need for additional utensils.

How to choose?

When selecting convenient devices should know that the best sports nutrition for shakers are equipped with a threaded cap.Such construction allows the beverage without spilling at the most inappropriate moment.Foldable cover such advantages is not.From what size or shape will be made mesh, the quality of food does not.But do not mesh or a special bulb to buy the device is not recommended.Thanks to them, a protein drink is obtained as homogeneous as possible.It is necessary to note the presence of dimensional scale.Without it will be difficult to sort out the proportions of food.How to cook

sports nutrition

going to eat at the training?Better to fill the required ingredients in the compartments and to mix them immediately before use.This will keep all the nutritional properties of the drink.If all prepared in advance, there is a risk that in the environment of the protein appear fast enough various pathogens.Shaker for sports nutrition - is an indispensable accessory for everyone who values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir health and the care of the correct and balanced diet.

Simple precautions

  1. Carbonated water - not the best option for the preparation of protein shakes.
  2. too hot or cold water, milk or juice can lead to the fact that protein will fold, and the product will turn out uneven.
  3. first poured into the device liquid, and only after that - powder.So you can avoid lumps.
  4. finished product is kept not more than two hours.After this time the protein drink can be dangerous to health.
  5. Every 5-6 months is replaced by a device for sportpita new stylish and useful accessory.This will prevent the emergence of bacteria, eventually eats into the material body.