What a dream to measure shoes?

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What dream measure shoes?Many people argue that such a dream indicates the emergence of a new fan or joyful life changes.But think about this popular interpreter of dreams?

Dream Miller

What dream measure shoes?The authors of the interpreter assured that, in order to solve such a dream, should pay special attention to the appearance of the shoe.For example, what a dream to measure new shoes?This night vision dreamer promises good luck in business, positive changes in his personal life.If the dreamer is an unmarried person, this kind of dream can indicate an early marriage.When trying on shoes are dissatisfied, then, with the establishment of new relationships arise some problems, the dreamer to be careful in his statements.If sleep measures the shoes with high heels, it is a symbol of his supremacy.Old, unpresentable type shoes that after fitting the dreamer is trying to buy, portends strife, due to which the dreamer can break off relations with a loved one.What a dream to measure shoes, which does not have the sole?Unfortunately, this dream is considered a bad sign, because it indicates the disease scandals coming disaster.

Female sonnik

What dream measure shoes?This edition also has an answer to this question.When trying on shoes in size and went like, then the dreamer can safely prepare for the celebration, as this dream foretells a quick wedding.The marriage would be the best, the family will live richly, happily.If the dreamer puts trying on shoes back on the shelf, or it does not fit her size, then the changes in his personal life will not be too successful, possibly due to the wedding falls through the opened unpleasant events from the past.In those cases, when trying on shoes in a dream is dirty or torn, it is desirable to refuse from the celebrations because the marriage is nothing but grief, the dreamer will bring.

Dreams Medea

What dream measure shoes at a store?Brand new shoes dream to a new fan, with whom the dreamer zavyazhutsya serious relationship.If you try on the shoes appeared small, it is said that sleep surrounded by people with whom he is pleased to be severed relations.Also, this dream can mean that the dreamer will be offered a new position from which he will have to give up.If the dreamer gets a pair that it too big, so he expects a good profit.

modern dream interpretation

To measure shoes - to the proposed journey.When she came, then rest will be successful.A dream in which the purchase is necessary to refuse means that the journey would be uninteresting, possibly collected by the sleeper seem too eccentric.

Muslim sonnik

Any shoes and actions with her, according to the interpreter, means servant or property.When trying on old galoshes, then the servant would lose confidence.New shoes dream to joy: the dreamer if it measures them, then good things will happen in his house.Measure the worn shoes - happiness will follow on the heels of the dreamer, the main thing - not to frighten him.

Dream Book of Veles Small

To measure a dream boots someone of the familiar means that in real life, the sleeper will need the help and support of loved ones, perhaps some event will make him deviate from the intended path.If someone other measures the shoes of the dreamer, then this dream can be considered a sign points to the wrong second half sleeping.A dream in which to try on boots too tight, points to family squabbles.