FTP service in Internet Service is designed ... FTP file transfer

FTP service in the Internet is designed for direct file sharing, it is built on the technological basis of "client-server".There is an interaction between the client and the server due to using FTP.Client - a person who sends requests to a particular server, and receive and transmit information.Server - a system to which the file from any client, processes them, and then transmits the next.

What are the advantages of using the service FTP?

FTP service on the Internet designed to send and receive all kinds of files.It has its own server, which store large files with all kinds of data and files.In these archives of massive amounts of completely different information.There are duplicating files in which the information is absolutely identical across multiple servers, referred to as mirrors.

advantages of this service are a few points:

1. The ability to transfer data through the global network.Using the protocol, it is possible to download to your computer virtually any file: music files, text information and program.

2. The ability to remotely control the server files of any computer on the network.That is, if in other words, can be from one computer to manage files on your computer at the other end of the world.
3. It is convenient to work with information, files or documents, do not jump from one page to another in search of the necessary information, as is the case in any browser.

to work with the service need specialized FTP program, they provide the work protocol.There are several types of programs: FTP-server, FTP-client and archie.

What is the protocol FTP?

Service files using FTP protocol, which communicates directly with the transport layer protocol, or TCP:

  • Basic standard - RFC-114.
  • Last - RFC-959.

from other applications developed by this service differs in that it uses only two TCP-connection to transmit any information and files:

1. control connection - it is intended to transmit commands to the serverand obtaining from him the answers have already been processed.For organizations that need a connection protocol Telnet (sending a request and waiting for the response of the treated, after receiving it sends a signal that it is possible to transfer command).
2. existing compound or all sent and received files. After installing Telnet-connection file transfer is performed through the logical processes that use, which organizes the TCP, it checks the availability of ports in the FTP-server.
Such links are constantly formed and, if necessary, eliminated.

FTP-protocol can operate in two modes:

- active;
- passive.

What is FTP-client?

FTP-client - a user-defined interface that implements a transmission via FTP-protocol file.It turns out that the FTP service on the Internet designed to share files between multiple computers connected LAN or Internet network.At the same time it does not matter what it is, these platforms are equipped with a computer or how far away they are from each other.

fact that client has the same structure as the server, but it is managed only by the local machine is automated or human.So, manage FTP-client via the Internet can not be - only through the computer.

There are types in FTP-client - the so-called boot managers.For example, ReGet, Go! Zilla, and many others.Thanks to them, the user can download from any Web-server.The main feature of such programs is that they can be integrated at any browser that automatically capture the necessary files to the user.FTP-loaders are easy operation, beautiful interface, and in the case of termination due to resume after resuming its inclusion.

What is meant by the FTP-server?

FTP-Server - these are special programs that run on a PC, they work in the background.They allow you to make the most ordinary computer full FTP-server, and FTP service control allows you to download or upload any files you need.The program automatically tracks all requests that come from other computers, then processes them and gives the answer.When installing the server, be sure to designate a limited directory available to other software clients.Each file and directory has their own individual attributes, they can optionally restrict access to any computer.For example, one file is read-only, and the other to record the third absolutely open to any machine and so on.

FTP-server - a limited system, they are available to only registered users, if you connect to them need to enter username and password.There are plenty of so-called open servers, otherwise they are called anonymous.To get there, you have to enter a login - anonymous and password - password.

Archie - search program for FTP-archives Search

required FTP-server on the Internet - the problem is very time-consuming and complex, for it was designed to facilitate a special software module Archie.Working with him is possible via e-mail, via Telnet-session or locally.It should be understood that the service FTP archives and archie - is completely different on the possibilities of technology.In most cases, to get access to archie-server users first need to turn to archie-client.

to work through Telnet user must open a session Telnet, in the right line to write the word archie.It looks like this: telnet archie.mcgill.sa login: archie.
Once the bar appears: archie & gt ;.You can ask and capabilities of the server by typing in the command line: help.

How to create your own FTP-server on the Internet?

Since the FTP service on the Internet is designed for the sharing of files by Internet users, and with it you can do it easily and quickly, some users want to install your server.To carry out this desire is possible, but only with the necessary theoretical knowledge of the Internet and certain programs, as well as file sharing.

There are many programs that allow you to create a personal FTP-server on a PC.One of these specialized programs is GuildFTPd.It is quite easy to install and intuitive to use, if you know some of the nuances of creating FTP.Initially, it should be found on the Internet and install on your computer.Problems with installing it should have.But in the setting of the program will need to make some action - it is necessary to further work correctly created FTP-service.

Internet File Transfer service FTP, created through the program GuildFTPd

After downloading and installing this software on a computer need to go to the settings panel (GuildFTPd options), there will come a few tabs and items.In the General category are all the main settings that determine the number of connections, the ports and other important parameters.Here it is necessary to perform all the necessary settings.Each server they are individual and depend only on the desires of the creator.

Next comes the category Server.Here you must enter the name of the new server.It is desirable to reduce the volume occupied by the server for this slider Log Level shift left.

Now you have to choose how it will be created by the server.GuildFTPd system works so that future users should be subdivided into groups on the basis of this particular server is created: on the basis of personal accounts or desired directory.

What type created FTP-server to choose?Server-based personal accounts

This type is suitable when organized file server to be used by friends.In this case, each user can make a personal file system.

For this group is created, it is given the name, is sharing in the root directory.To do this, click on the Add button and navigate to the section Edit Path.Then you create a database user, Admin, hereinafter Add User, then you must enter the credentials (username, password) for all future users to create server.Such users may be any number, preferably immediately determine their him, if, for example, will benefit people 16. FTP service in the Internet is designed for the exchange of documents between an unlimited number of people.

When the main base is ready, if necessary, can create a virtual file system for each user.To do this, again, go to the Add - Edit Path, where specify the names of files and folders for each login.

How to create an open FTP-server?

This is the second way to create your own server, but it is more suitable for a numerous number of users and for internet marketing.Services Internet FTP-server perceive positively of such services on the network a very large number.

Create an open server is much easier than with a personal account.In this case, only one user is created in the line specifying a name, enter anonymous.Also be sure to have to remove the tick, which stands next to the name list.It remains only upload file directories, which will be accessible to any Internet user.