PO Box and its advantages

Despite the development of high-tech, people continue to use, and regular mail: a parcel of books or any other goods can not be sent through the Internet, important documents also have to be sent in hard copy, and the usual letters and greeting cards is far from outdatedthemselves.All this is going in the mailbox, which can be very inconvenient and unreliable.There is an alternative to it - a PO box.What it is, why it is needed and how to use it?

What is a post office box and how it differs from the usual

PO Box - a special lockable box, which is designed for incoming mail.Unlike conventional mailbox, it is not factual or legal place of residence of the recipient, and the post office.Therefore, letters, postcards and parcels, to send to a mailbox, specified only code, city and number of the mailbox, so that information about the destination may remain a mystery.

the post office post office box looks almost exactly like normal: it is a metal box with cells, each of which is assigned its own number.The cell as a mailbox in the entrance, lockable, which fits only one key.

All correspondence, coming to a PO box, remain at the post office, so this box is very reliable: no bullies do not set fire to it and do not pull out of it some important letter.On the other hand, access to it is not necessary to defend the long queue, produce documents or forms to fill out: it is enough to visit the post office opening hours, open the drawer with his key and pick up everything that had accumulated in it.

How to use PO Box

First we need to choose the post office, which is located in the most convenient location and running in good time.First, the prospective subscriber writes a statement, and then fills the contract with its individual number, which would become his box number and post office register office box.Russian Post provides this service free of charge, as opposed to, for example, from the address in Switzerland or Germany.Therefore, after obtaining all the necessary documents have to pay a certain amount.And after a few days to get finally certified contract and a key to the box.

But not all so simple.This service is popular enough.And find a free box to the right post office does not always succeed.In such cases, you can rent a PO Box: Russian post allows such a possibility.Happy owners own box should be reported to the interested party number, make and sign the lease and get paid.Tenants can be even more, and then the owner of the box gives each of them the additional numbers and sorts all incoming correspondence in accordance with them.