Course work.

all students of higher and secondary educational institutions is necessary throughout the entire period of study and write control coursework, essays and projects.

most difficult of execution, the amount of literature, the volume of texts being coursework in subjects.Before writing such works teacher should provide students with a list of topics, give advice on the literature and propose a tentative plan writing course.

plan writing course work

First you need to plan the course work and outline the sequence of its execution:

  1. Together with the teacher to determine the theme of the course work.
  2. Choose directories, books and other sources on a given topic.
  3. To study all of these sources and select the desired information.
  4. Next is the rationale for the relevance of the planned topics.
  5. Written introduction and the theoretical part of the study.
  6. If the work has practical part, the practical part is made charts, calculations, tables, charts, diagrams, etc.
  7. If the work of pilot, describes the preparation and conduct of the experiment and its analysis and conclusions.
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  9. final part.
  10. list of used literature (bibliography) according to GOST.
  11. Annex.
  12. of the title page.
  13. Delivery head for the assessment and protection, if it is provided.

The plan of course work including about the chapters:

Chapter 1 contains the description of the problem, the theory research problem threads historical experience related to this issue.

Chapter 2. The analysis of the research subject, a description of its parameters and characteristics, proved well founded and previously extended position, given the calculations and conclusions are justified.

general plan of the course work.Example

  1. Cover page (name of college, university, theme, who performed, who checked out the city, year).
  2. Index (content).
  3. Introduction.
  4. main part (a few numbered chapters).
  5. Summary (contains conclusions).
  6. References (bibliography).
  7. Applications (Charts, experimental calculations, graphs, etc.).

plan course work on the subject SKD (socio-cultural activities)

St. Petersburg GUKI:

Introduction Chapter 1. The definition of youth subculture

Chapter 2. Classification of informal youth movements and subcultures

2.1.Classification of informal youth associations according to their degree of danger

2.2.Classification levels (stages) of the development of youth informal associations

2.3 Description of youth groups.Subculture.Folklore.The process of change of ideology, moral and ethical standards and units

2.4 CME in St. Petersburg:

2.4.1 Hippie

2.4.2 Goths

2.4.3 Emo

2.4.4 Role community

2.4.5 Punks

2.4.6 Skinheads



Index (content) includes the entire plan course work, except the cover sheet stamped with pagination.It is important to remember that the cover page is not numbered, but following it should be the second list numbering (2).For example:

  1. Contents ....... p. 2
  2. ............ Introduction p. 3 Chapter 1
  3. ............... p. 4 (or 5 and 6, depending on how many pages are written administration) and further on the plan.

Almost all universities adhere to a common plan for writing term papers.