Hair loss in women: causes, treatment.

Today it is common to find women who suffer from hair loss.And they have a real bald.Naturally, they are not very pleasant for the ladies, as spoil the appearance of hair and talk about any health problems.If diagnosed alopecia in women reasons (treatment is often dependent on them) determine disease control circuit.

Why is there a problem

Now understand, what reasons can affect the appearance of the disease.Among them are the following:

1. Improper diet and bad habits.

2. The duration of treatment with the help of hormones or other drugs.

3. Chemotherapy.

4. Wrong skin care and hair, the use of aggressive staining agents.

5. dermatologic, infectious or inflammatory diseases in the body.

6. menopausal disorders, endocrine disorders, pregnancy and childbirth.

If there is baldness in women causes (treatment is given only after finding) may be commonplace, for example, the patient has chosen the wrong shampoo or too traumatic for the scalp comb.However, there may be more serious factors, such as poor environmental conditions, long-term use of contaminated water and so on.

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How does the disease

As for the symptoms of pathology, it is very simple.Over time, the woman begins to see that the comb is a lot more hair than usual.In addition, it may appear pronounced foci of alopecia.Although, compared to men such problems, pathology of the girls is less visible (it all depends on the causes of it, and the extent of the disease).

especially women's version of baldness is that the follicles do not die.That is to restore the former girls hair easier than men.However, if diagnosed hair loss in women causes (treatment is obliged to appoint a dermatologist) occurrence of disease - is the mainstay of treatment.

Species alopecia

Naturally, each disease has its own stage of development and variety.If there is baldness in women causes (treatment is not necessary to carry out their own) have to be clarified first.Depending on what factors influenced the patient, there are several varieties:

1. Seborrheic.Most often it occurs during adolescence, when under the influence of enhanced production of certain hormones may experience increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.This problem is temporary and will be held as soon as the body is reconstructed.

2. Genetic.Since this form of the disease is laid at the stage of conception, that prevent or cure it completely impossible.Although there are lots of ways to save and restore hair.

3. androgens.It is less pronounced in women, as associated with high levels of testosterone (male hormone) in the body.

If the doctor diagnoses baldness in women causes (treatment, reviews and other ways of dealing with the problem you can read in this article) - is the first thing he finds out.

Diagnostic Pathology

Many girls are looking for information on the topic: "Baldness in women: causes, treatment of folk remedies", but should first understand how to identify the disorder.If the symptoms of problems do not arise, in order to identify type of pathology, it is necessary to work hard.

In principle, the diagnosis is simple, but it requires not only a history, but also putting some analyzes.First of all you will need to be tested for levels of estrogen and testosterone.It is important to determine how normal your hormones.In addition, the doctor may prescribe you a simple procedure that will help identify the density of hair growth - phototrichogram.

Features eliminate the problem of drug

Many girls are trying to find information on the topic: "Baldness in women: causes, treatment medications."Selenium, proven in the fight against hair loss, is found in many medicinal preparations, such as "cimetidine", "Minoxidil".Most drugs gives excellent results in alopecia.In the case of seborrheic alopecia you just need to organize a proper hair care.

As for androgenetic alopecia, then without medications is necessary.That is, women will need to take progesterone or estrogen, as well as move to the weaker contraceptives.Well established a cream containing corticosteroids.

Naturally, you should not buy medicines on their own, as in this case, the problem could get worse.

Modern methods of combating female alopecia

If you do not have the means to help baldness for women, then you have other treatment options.For example, fitohimioterapiya or cryomassage.Such physiotherapeutic procedure as ultraviolet radiation, may also have a positive effect.

The newest method of treatment is hair transplant.That is, the experts carry live hair follicles in the affected area, unless, of course, their own numb.However, this procedure is characterized by painful, and expensive.But it is considered an advantage that you have a high probability of relapse is not to be afraid.

Traditional recipes

If you are interested in the topic: "Baldness in women: reasons for treatment" (you can find the photo in the article), here you can read the recommendations on the elimination of unconventional disease.So, you can help these recipes:

1. Burdock oil.It strengthens the hair and stimulates the follicles.To get the funds from alopecia for women in the pharmacy you can, or you can cook yourself.To do this, pick fresh burdock leaves, grind them and pour a glass of vegetable oil.It takes only 75 g of raw material.The mixture is then necessary to insist during the day, then you need to boil it on low heat for about 15 minutes.After the mass has cooled, it should drain.Apply tool is intended for an hour before shampooing.

2. Aloe.It follows compresses.But remember that the leaves should be taken from the bush, which has more than 3 years.Extruded juice you need to moisten the gauze, attached to the scalp and wrap film.In this state, you should spend at least an hour.Then rinse hair with warm water without using any shampoo.Repeat this procedure twice a day.

3. onion and olive oil.This tool is very simple to prepare.First, rub an onion on a fine grater, so it turned into mush.Then there add 1 large spoon of oil.The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the skin for at least 15 minutes.Then wrap the head wrap and a towel (it will enhance the effect of massage).Compress should hold at least 30 minutes.Then just wash your hair with shampoo neutral.Use a mask is necessary every three days for six months.

4. decoction of birch buds.Most raw spoon to pour 1 liter of liquid.The mixture was put on a small fire.For it to cook properly, only a quarter of an hour is sufficient.Once the liquid has cooled, it should drain.Rinse it with broth hair after shampooing, and they will become stronger, more beautiful and silky.

prevention measures

If diagnosed alopecia in women folk remedies may well help fight the problem.However, it is best to implement certain preventive measures that will help you avoid the development of this disease or reduce its consequences:

- Keep a mobile lifestyle, eat right and give up bad habits.

- Choose the right shampoo according to your hair type.

- Do not wash your hair too often.It does not use too much hot water.It is better if the liquid is boiled and cooled to a suitable temperature.

- Use a hair dryer, curling irons and hair straighteners as little as possible.

- If you like to change the color of the curl, then buy natural paints.

- From perm is abandoned.

- For combing use combs with natural bristles or combs with blunt teeth, so as not to hurt the skin.

's all particularly hair care and treatment of hair loss.Be healthy!