Squats for the buttocks, do a beautiful ass!

long been known that one of the most delicious parts of the body are considered to be women's buttocks.How to make this area of ​​the body looked fit and become your "highlight"?Squats for the buttocks, lunges, stretching - those with regular exercise their implementation necessarily bring the desired result, that is, make your ass beautiful and elastic.

benefits of exercise in the gluteal muscles

Besides strengthening the muscles in the body to improve blood flow in the pelvic area, which will lead to an increase in skin elasticity.Performing squats, you strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, back, legs and abdominals to help acquire a beautiful posture.

Squats for the buttocks are a good dosage cardio, because even doing exercises without additional weights, we have to lift the weight of your own body.As a result, the exercises for glutes helps strengthen the overall body.

Tips for the exercises

Squats for the buttocks are considered to be the most popular exercises for this muscle group.They will help to increase the buttocks, give it elasticity and perfect form.There are some nuances of this exercise.

- If you want to increase the volume and give the convexity should omit pelvis while squatting as low as possible, practically sitting on your heels.

- If the volume of the buttocks sufficient, but needed to give them a tightened form, squats should be performed so that the lowest point in the thigh parallel to the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees.

- Keep your heels on the floor - you can be seriously injured!

- After each power approach perform stretching exercises: they can help achieve the desired results soon and to avoid possible injury.

- Do not bend your back while squatting, especially when working with weights, because you can injure the spine.

complex exercise

1. classical exercises for this part of the body are squats for buttocks.Everyone remembers the rules for the implementation of this uprazhneniyaesche from school.It should stand up straight, legs apart, and lower the body down, bending your knees and keeping your back straight.You can complicate the exercise, taking weights.This may be a bar, laid on the shoulders or dumbbells.At home, you can use bottles filled with water or sand.

2. An interesting exercise that will help to significantly strengthen not only the muscles of the buttocks, and hips, is as follows: you want to lie on the floor, bending the knee, with a second straight draw.Try to touch your knees bent legs to the floor for lying straight leg.After 10 repetitions do the same the second leg.

3. Excellent proven attacks.As for the buttocks and squats, they can be run with or without the additional weight it.Take a step forward and crouch to the knee bent at 90 degrees.The second leg, try to gently touch the floor.After 8-10 reps to do the same with the other leg.

In addition to training, you can work your butt load during normal climbs the stairs.Try to straighten with the knees to a maximum load not only the gluteus, but also the thigh muscles.