How to download wings?

Any man would love to have broad back - a symbol of masculinity and reliability.Particularly impressive look well-developed latissimus dorsi, the common people called "wings".

How can pump up the muscles of the back?For the development of the wings, there are several exercises with a barbell, dumbbells or its own weight.The most popular of them: pull-ups, push-ups, pull.It is believed that the wings respond well to load, but novice athletes have to spend a lot of time and put a lot of energy to spin has acquired an attractive V-shaped.


One of the most effective exercises for the wings - is pulling on the bar.How to download wings on the bar?

In bodybuilding crossbar is a favorite projectile athletes to increase the width of the back.The best exercise is wide grip pull-up.For its implementation need to take on the crossbar so that the hands are wider than shoulders.Stretch out and relax completely.Then catch up, trying to get the chin bar.Return to the original position.Weights in this case is his own body.

Another version of this exercise - lifting his head.In this case, the need to pull the bar back of the neck.

usually begins athletes can not catch more than 2-3 times.To get the result you need to perform at least 30-40 repetitions.


How to download Wings via push?This is one of the most accessible and universal exercise in bodybuilding, which involves a large number of muscles, including the wings.Latissimus dorsi train via push-ups with a broad statement of the hands.

Take a prone position, with emphasis on straight arms, so that they are wider than shoulder width apart.Keep your back straight, his head lowered and not bully up.Bend your elbows so that the breasts almost touch the floor.Return to the original position, but the hand is not completely unbend, keep your abdominal muscles tense.

thrust rod in the slope

This exercise is considered one of the best to work out the wings.When the exercise is necessary to control the load: it must go to it on his back, not the biceps.How to download wings with a barbell?

Take the starting position: feet a little wider than shoulder width, body tilted forward parallel to the floor, back straight, eyes directed forward, grip the bar to keep straight, hands at shoulder level.Pull the bar to the belt, concentrating on the latissimus dorsi.Link must be carried out by the back muscles, not the hands.Blades try to bring together.Slowly return to starting position.Before carrying out the thrust of the working rod is recommended to warm up with light weights.

Thrust dumbbells to his belt

Inflate the broadest possible wings back and with the help of dumbbells.How to download Wings dumbbells?

Stand next to the bench with a dumbbell grip to his lowered right hand.Bend and stretch your left hand and left knee on a bench.Keep your back parallel to the floor, right leg slightly bent, look forward.Deeply inhale, hold your breath and pull the dumbbell to the waist, trying to raise his elbow as high as possible.For a moment, stay in this position, the maximum straining your back.Then exhale to return to its original position.Do exercise the right amount of time to change his hand.How to download

wings to build muscle?To do this, you must do the exercises for the wings with large weights.Pick up the weight it is necessary so that the maximum number of repetitions is 6-8 times approach.

training on the relief consists of a set of exercises with light weight, but a lot of repetitions - 20 times in the approach.