System push-ups - how to build muscle?

Now a lot of people, mostly men, are trying to keep in shape.Someone visits the sports and gyms, while others run around the stadium, and perform exercises on the bar, and others like to do at home.It will suit lovers of home exercises pushups.First, the push technique is fairly simple, although it has many different options, and secondly, the exercise will involve almost all the major muscles.It is important that we are working with their weight, and it reduces the chance of injury.

to achieve new results and to increase its strength need a whole system of push-ups.You need to create its own program in which you are engaged.It is advisable to devote 10 minutes of exercise several times a day.But busy people will be enough push-ups twice a day - morning and evening.If you can not make up your own program, you can download it on the Internet.


First push the system will allow you to train muscle groups such as chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders.Furthermore, there is an impact on the back muscles, legs and abdomen.

At higher loads, be careful, otherwise you can get the fatigue that is fraught with consequences.You also can not get physical exercise individuals who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.The slightest increase in pressure can have detrimental effects on the body.

Conventional push

complex push excellent train all muscle groups, the only point to which you should pay attention to is the technique of.Try to keep your back straight, so that the buttocks are not raised too high, and the back does not buckle.Sight should rest on the floor.Lower yourself slowly and linger for 1-2 seconds, then you can go back to its original position.Try to touch the floor with the tip of the nose or breasts.


The best option would be if you can do push-ups 4-5 times a day for several approaches.Starting with the best light load, the number of repetitions be less than approximately 20% of the maximum possible.System push-ups should include different types.You have to do push-ups with a wide, narrow grip, full palm, fists and fingers.Next, consider ways to push.

Technique exercise

  • Pushups, though at first glance seem simple enough exercise are several ways to perform.The simplest of them - push-ups at full palm.Technique does not differ significantly, you only need to rely on full hand and start the exercise.
  • more complex version will push their fists.This exercise will help you develop a brush and put the right punch (help in fights).
  • Next are push-ups on his fingers.This technique is available only to experienced athletes.The first time the exercise will be painful, but eventually you get used to.Push-ups on your toes will strengthen your legs and give them flexibility.

main thing is to get results, you need to create a training program and to follow it.It is important that observed a complete system of push-ups.Begin to engage with simple exercises.When you gain more experience, you can do push-ups more difficult.