Christmas cocktails based on champagne

And would you like to pamper yourself and loved ones in stremitelno approaching New Year's Eve a variety of cocktails?Here you are waiting for the recommendations for the preparation of 6 original and easy-to-performance-based beverages champagne.

Cocktail "Warm Santa Claus┬╗

- 1 bottle of champagne
- 1 glass of peach juice with pulp
- 100 ml sugar syrup

Champagne pre-cool.Then pour it in a container, add the juice and sugar syrup, mix until all ingredients until the mixture is uniform in color.Serve chilled.

Cocktail "Tropical greetings┬╗

- 160 ml sugar syrup
- 30 ml pineapple juice
- 70 g canned pineapple
- 70 g of champagne
- 5 g mint

from the bank with canned pineapples drain off into a separate container juice.The remaining fruit lay in a la carte glasses and pour sugar syrup.Then mix the pineapple juice and top up with champagne in glasses.To decorate cocktails, use slices of pineapple and mint leaves.

Stamp "igrushechki┬╗

- 1 liter of champagne
- 100 ml gin

- 2 tbsp.l lemon juice
- 220 ml raspberry syrup
- 4 slices of orange
- 8 frozen cherries
- crushed ice

in a deep container, pour the champagne, gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, stir well and add the pieces of crushed ice.Serve in a bowl of punch.In each glass put a slice of orange and a cherry 2, then pour a drink from the cup.

Turquoise champagne

- 8 ice cubes
- 25 ml lemon juice
- 20 ml vodka
- 20 ml liqueur "Chartreuse"
- chilled champagne glass

advance chill in the freezer.Half ice, lemon juice, vodka and "Chartreuse" put in a shaker.Beat 8 seconds.Put in a glass of the remaining ice, pour the mixture from the shaker.Carefully, on the edge add champagne.

sparkling fruit cocktail

- 1 grenades
- 300 g frozen raspberries
- 1 seedless mandarin
- 30 of cranberry juice
- 300 ml champagne

Pomegranate cut in half and use the citrus press squeeze the juice.Tangerine peel, remove the film.In a blender, combine frozen raspberries and mandarin slices.Pour the cranberry and pomegranate juice, whisk in a homogeneous puree.Rub through a sieve and cool.Fill glasses with fruit puree.Top up with champagne, stir gently.

"Caribbean" champagne

- 50 ml white rum
- 50 ml banana liqueur (Creme de banane)
- 200 ml champagne

To decorate:

few slices of banana

White rum Pour into glasses.Add the banana liqueur.Top up with champagne.Mix gently.

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