LG L70 D325: an overview of the smartphone

More recently notorious LG has released a new smartphone called LG L70 D325.This device is a budget-priced, and is only 6 500-7000 rubles (about 2700 hryvnia).What do we get for this price?Learn the answer to this question you can read the review of the LG L70.

smartphone from LG

Products of LG has always been famous for its high quality and innovation.LG is not afraid to experiment.The best minds of the engineering companies regularly improve and upgrade products.This applies to smart phones.LG is constantly introduce new technologies, software, and so on. D. Sometimes these experiments were unsuccessful.But despite this, the company is moving in the right direction.She does not stand still.With each new announcement smartphone LG quality improves, the company evolves.

The company also surprised his fans this time?Did the new smartphone line LG L70 expectations?Let's deal.

LG L70: a review.Appearance

The first thing you should pay attention - this design.The device has a small frame around th

e screen.With this LG has managed to make the device more compact.If you compare the L70 D325 with other similar phones, then LG products rather modest dimensions.And it's definitely a huge plus.

arrangement of the elements in a model D325 classic.Above the screen is located near the upper edge of the speaker.Below it is possible to notice the logo of the manufacturer.Slightly to the right is the front camera, and proximity sensor.Under the screen is touch-sensitive keys.Interestingly, instead of the usual three buttons them there as many as four.The new key is responsible for switching between SIM cards.Now you can change the SIM cards with just one click.Quite an interesting solution that certainly make life easier for millions of customers.

At the bottom is the primary microphone and the Micro-USB connector on the top - additional microphone and audio.Left and right are the keys adjust the volume and turn on the smartphone.Behind can be seen on the 5-megapixel camera, multimedia speaker and logo LG.The lid itself is made of some rough material, so that the smartphone will not be able to slip out of hand.

As for ergonomics, it is with this, LG L70 D325 okay.The keys are where they should be and, pressing felt good.After a couple of days of operation of the phone becomes a part of your hand.Due to the same frame around the screen, you can use the smartphone with one hand.Also, to help manage your phone more gestures.For example, you can turn off or turn on the screen, using a double-tap (so-called function Knock-Knock), hold a call by simply flipping the phone, and so on. D.


The smartphone is based on Android 4.4.2 (the latestversion).On top of this system applies a proprietary shell called the LG Optimus UI.One of the main advantages of the operating system - a new energy-saving mode.The smartphone has appeared a lot of different features that help conserve battery power.And it is quite a big achievement.LG has managed to solve one of the major problems of Android-devices.

Perhaps, now let's talk about the hardware.LG L70 D325 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 200, which includes two cores running at 1.2 GHz.As for memory, then the D325 has a gigabyte of RAM.The user is, unfortunately, available only 340 MB.Also, the smartphone has a built-in storage with a volume of four gigabytes (available to the user only 1.3).Perhaps this is the main disadvantage of this model.After all, with such a paltry amount of memory installed some big games will be quite difficult.If we talk about performance, the phone has a rather mediocre performance.Start unpretentious arcade, you'll have no problems, but to play tough projects with 3D-graphics you are unlikely to succeed.

LG L70: reviews

Perhaps nothing so vividly describes the phone as consumer reviews.What customers think of the LG L70 D325?Reviews are rather contradictory.Some liked the phone, some do not.If you add a bit of a reality, the smart phone is praised for the quality of the build, the current version of software, an excellent autonomy, a good speaker and advanced in terms of energy saving.In turn, bought most do not like the low resolution of the screen, the camera, a small amount of memory and a mediocre performance.


can say that the LG L70 D325 - a good smartphone in its price range and excellent budget model.The device, though some have already mentioned by us above disadvantages (such as low productivity, poor quality camera, etc.), but at the same time he had a lot of positive qualities (such as a unique power-saving mode, new features, and so on. D.).Of course, you can find the phone a much better and more productive.But for the money it is unlikely you will discover a device that will exceed the specifications of LG L70 D325.